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Feb 13, 2007 12:22 PM

Any suggestions on how to prep nopalitos?

I've never made them before and would like to make them fresh and not canned or jarred. How would I go about this? I have them sitting on the counter mad-dogging me.

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  1. Peel them with a sharp paring knife and slice or dice as needed. They can be slippery so be careful. Saute until tender. I treat them much like a pepper in terms of where I will use them.

    1. I add them to pork in red chili sauce. Chili puerco con nopales. Makes a wonderful burrito.

      1. You could boil the cut pieces till tender, shock in cold water then make Nopales salad with chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, avocado, queso fresco crumbled, oil and lime.