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Feb 13, 2007 12:19 PM

Ocean Club in Destin

I'll be in Destin next week, actually sandestin, (is there a difference?) Looking back at old threads, I've gotten what look to be some pretty good leads; I tend to be a "cheap eats" sort of person, my wife, not so much.

I do know we are eating at the Ocean Club one night, reservations were made for us by same person whose condo we're using....i tend to think of vacation as being a dress down time...khakis OK here? (or can I get out my Jams from 1986 and wear them?) And most importantly, can anyone give me a food forecast?

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  1. I've been going to Destin for for 15 years or so, but I've never eaten at Ocean Club. Most places in Destin tend to be fairly casual, so off hand I imagine khakis are appropriate.

    You've probably heard most of this, but for I'd recommend: Captain Dave's, Seagars, Harbor Docks, Back Porch (for lunch, its not as good as once was, but its alright and a good time), Cafe 30-A (Seagrove), Old Florida Fish House (Seagrove), Red Bar (Grayton), Ruth Chris if you're looking for beef (Seagars has prime too).

    I'd avoid: Landry's and Crab Trap (some swear by it,but to me it gets worse and worse)