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Feb 13, 2007 12:17 PM

St. louis food

taking a trip to st. louis in early march, looking for restaurants suggestions. Have heard that 1111 misissippi, tratoria Marcella, and Sydney Street Café are all good. want good food and wine, do not want a quite place. suggestions

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  1. 1111 Mississippi is a very good restaurant; I recommend it highly. The same people have opened a nearby restaurant called Vin de Set - I have not been there, but it features views of the St. Louis skyline, which might be a plus for a visitor to town.

    For great food and a spectacular interior: An American Place on Washinton Avenue, in the downtown area. And if you are in Soulard, the Juniper Grill is a favorite of mine for upscale food with a nice wine list, and Lagniappe's is a favorite of mine for its Creole food and relaxed atmosphere (not sure about the wine list...would choose beer as an accompaniment to Creole food).

    1. what is the atmosphere at 1111, dont want anything to quiet.

      1. 1111 is definitely not too quiet. We had a hard time hearing each other at lunch! We enjoyed the food and our service was very good. We haven't been since October. I don't think Trattoria Marcella is too quiet and the food IMO is on a whole other level than 1111. We're going to be in St. Louis Easter weekend and would like to try Vin de Set. Any word on the food there?

        1. thanks for the help, I have not been Vin de Set.

          1. If you want good wine, try Sasha's Wine Bar on DeMun. They don't have a full menu, only things complimenting the wine. But next door is Jimmyz on the Park, which is supposed to be good, but I've never been there. I was just at Sasha's the other night and they have a fantastic wine selection in an unpretentious setting. BTW, can one say unpretentious without sounding pretentious? Hmm, food for thought.

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              Jimmy's is decent; it has really competent wait staff and sommelier, and they have good seasonal offerings. I think last time I had a really good herbed spaetzle. It isn't very quiet either since the bar kind of bleeds around the dining area.

              609 in the University City Loop also has good pan-asian influenced dishes; excellent amuse bouche but a small wine list. It shares a building (and opens directly into) the U Lounge next door, so it is definitely not quiet. Terrene in the CWE also might fit the bill. These are hipster joints though, so the food may not be perfect every time like at the Trattoria.