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Sourcing organic dried unsweetened cherries

Looking for this item for a good friend from out of town. She's specifically looking for the dried cherries with no sugar added, but also *not* of the sour variety. Ambrosia used to carry this, but now they only have a sweetened version for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. You might want to give WHOLESOME MARKET 2234 Queen East, at Beech, 416-690-9500 a call. They have dried fruit and nuts.

    1. Thanks..they only have sweetened though. Yo you go to the faar places!

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        lol, I love that area, so when I go there (usually for brunch), I often stop in to that store - I actually live very close to Ambrosia (unfortunately) so I go there often too.

        Have you tried Johnvince Foods in Downsview? I haven't been there in years, but..
        Can't tell from this if they are sweetened or not: http://www.johnvince.com/JVFFrame.html

        I would be surprised if Wholefoods doesn't carry them.

      2. re: ambrosia - hah yeah i figured. johnvince sweetened as well!

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          This might sound like an odd suggestion, but if you are in York Region, check Sue's Market at Major Mac, East of Bathurst, the carry some unusual items sometimes.

          Also, maybe T&T at Promenade? It's so big.....

        2. There is a vendor at the One of a Kind Craft Show that does unsweetened dried berries, including cherries. I'll be darned if I can find the name though and the website is promoting the next spring show. Anyone got an old program around? They have been in the Christmas show for ages.

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              d*** you're good . . . and fast! Yeep, those are they.

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                being fast allows me to multi-task (perform work duties and navigate Chowhound :)

          1. Give Qi Natural Foods a call (Eglinton W. east of Allen Rd., next to Bouajdi).
            1001 Eglinton Avenue West, York, ON, Canada - (416) 784-0459.

            You can also try the Low Carb Grocery (Yonge north of Lawrence).
            3147 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, Canada - (416) 484-7479

            1. thanks, ladies. Qi does carry the organic version, and she'll check with the distributor tomorrow to confirm whether or not sugar's been added.

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                For those of you who don't know about Qi Natural Foods, it's a wonderful little natural foods store on Eglinton West. The owner, Joanne, was a pharmacist back home in Korea, and she's incredibly knowledgeable about naturopathic and homeopathic products and stocks these extensively, in addition to organic and "natural" groceries. She's also a delight to speak with, and she goes out of her way to please and will also special-order items she does not usually carry.

                I hope she comes through for you, Chester.

              2. Cool, thanks again. She was quite helpful as I spoke with her. And yes, I did pick up on her slight (and charming) Korean accent...lol.

                1. Not sure if you've found them already, but you may want to try Lennie's, on Parliament (corner of Carleton). I'm always amazed at their selection of, well, nearly everything. I know they stock a wide range of dried fruit and nuts, so may be worth a call.

                  Lennie's Whole Foods
                  489 Parliament

                  - Lea

                  1. Qi doesn't have it (sold out and won't come in till the summer) but Sue's sounds like they have something similar. Will go up and check it out on the weekend. Word.

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                      did you try Qi on Roncesvalles? i know they have dried cherries but i don't know if they are organic or sweetened.

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                        Karen, did Joanne not close up her location on Roncesvalles?

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                          I was just at Qi yesterday buying dried cherries. I just don't know whether they are organic or not, or if they have added sugar.

                          Qi Natural Food, 219 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, 416-437-1428

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                            I thought she told me she'd given up that location. I guess it's still going under the same name.

                    2. No luck so far. Qi @ Roncesvalles carry both the organic and non-organic variety, but the former also has organic sugar in it. Great selection in the store though. Sue's doesn't have organic, and Lennie's not at all. It's a tough item, ja?

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                        Have you asked Ambrosia if they can order it from somewhere?

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                          CE, have you tried the Big Carrot yet? I was there the other day and noted they had two types of organic dried cherries. I recalled this post, so I made a mental note of it. But I forgot that you specified unsweetened, so I didn't note whether they were sweetened or not. I'm sure you can give them a call they'll let you know what they have.

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                            Cool...thanks a lot! It does sound like they do carry it.