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Feb 13, 2007 12:07 PM

cafe recommendation

I recently had some delicious home-made dessert at the Dolce and Gelato Cafe
at 35 St. Joseph St. just north of Wellesley, east of Bay St.

The baked goods are home made and so is the gelato. I can attest to the yummy napoleon dessert and others. The coffee is good and comes without a la Starbucks attitude!

So if you live in the area and want some good coffee and tasty dessert this might be the place since there's not much else around.

If anyone knows of other place like this please let me know.


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  1. that is a wicked tip thanks!

    Personally, I looove the tiramasu at Sccacia in Manulife (bottom level, under the escalators). It's quite wet and boozy with lots of strong espresso though, so if you prefer your ladyfingers dry, its not for you. I scarf their strawberry shortcake too.

    1. I definitely second Dolce on St. Joseph. The coconut gelato, when they have it, is obscenely fresh; it's like eating a slightly sweeter, slightly richer, coconut.
      I've had a home-made savoury crepe roll type thing from there a couple times, and except for being too hot to touch when they first serve it, it is quite tasty.
      The owner and staff are very friendly, and it has a good neighbourhoodly feel. Highly recommended.
      (I'm less enthusiastic about the coffee - it's better than Tim Hortons, but I think it's just the second stop Timothy's stuff. Good enough, for being on the way.)