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Feb 13, 2007 12:02 PM

Dutch process or not?

Okay, I know the difference between Dutch processed and not. But I can't seem to find any brand name labels that tells me if theirs is Dutch processed or not. Hearsey's, Toll-house, and Nestle, all three I've bought and used, and I don't think I know if they are labled one way or another.

Can someone enlighten me?

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  1. You may have to read the labels. Scharffenberger is not Dutched. It is labeled Natural Unsweeetened and contains no millk or alkali. My container of Lake Champlain unsweetened cocoa is labeled "dutched" it is fine for drinking but I don't bake with it. I am out of it at the moment but I occasionally get a blended cocoa from Saco that a combo of both. I prefer undutched for baking

    1. If it's dutch processed, it'll say on the container. If it doesn't, it's not. Hershey's does make a dutch processed cocoa and it has red on the label.

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          I think it's new because they had a great deal on it. I was surprised.

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          I used to buy that maybe three years ago, and can't find it anywhere now. It's good to hear it's still being made. I'll look for it when I travel. I thought it was fine for baking, good chocolatey flavor without being super rich.

        3. If it doesn't say dutch processed, it probably isn't- none of those you listed are. You will know by the price if nothing else- dutch processed is much more expensive... Hershey's cocoa in my grocery store I think is usually around $3, Droste's dutch is around $8.

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            Scharffen Berger UN-dutched is $7.99/6 oz.

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              That's because it's sharffen berger... Which IMHO, always has ridiculous prices compared to their chocolate quality. for an expensive chocolate, Valhrona is a good way to go. but anyway -- I'm going OT, so I'll shut up now.

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                You can buy Valhrona powder in bulk at They package it themselves somewhere between the massive quantity that a professional would buy, and the tiny , expensive retail quanity. Now I am never without, although I keep a little Hershey's around the house in case I have to cook for a crowd.

            2. I've never bothered to look, but is the alkalizing agent listed as an ingredient?

              1. The only cocoa I use is Droste which, as Kate Nell mentioned above, is imported from Holland. On the side of the box it says, "Dutch Processed with Alkali."