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Remember Toast-R Pizza?

Not sure if I have the name right--they were flat, disc shaped "pies" with pizza filling inside, that fit into your toaster, came frozen. Kind of like round Pop Tarts. Amy's makes a nice organic one when you can find it, but I have had no success tracking down the original. Always burned my mouth. Anyone seen these recently?

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  1. I used to have them as an after school snack. I haven't seen them in years. Probably cause of law suits people buring the roofs of their mouths (LOL)

    1. Hot Pockets makes something like this, full size or mini, if that helps. Matlaw makes a great "pizza roll", but more like an egg roll. They probably take longer to cook than the one you're talking about though.

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        The Hot Pockets one actually ain't bad for frozen convenience food fare!

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          Ditto the Lean Pockets. The 4 cheese ones (the only vegetarian kind I can find) are pretty darn tasty.

      2. Ha, I definitely ate those as a kid and I remembered that they rarely heated evenly, the center was usually cold...
        Also try Guiltless Gourmet frozen pockets/wraps, they are pretty good if you nuke to defrost then crisp up a bit in the toaster oven (put on foil, they sometimes leak).

        1. This is one of those things that we wanted SOOOO badly when we were kids, and oddly our parents wouldn't buy them for us (go figure.) Just proves mom did know best!

          1. I loved those as a kid and have longed for them for many years now. Somehow the name Ginos comes to my mind when I think of them. I remember the pieces of shredded cheese mixed in the sauce (mostly orange in color!). I loved them and would love to find the orginal ones from my childhood just to see if they are as good as I thought they were as a kid.

            1. I remember the shreds of "cheese" and the cold middles as well--all part of the inexplicable allure. Gino's rings a bell with me too. Maybe I can use that to do more internet searching.

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                Wasn't it Butoni toaster pizza.

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                  Gino's made Pizza Rolls, nasty little things we ued to call "cigar butts".

                2. FAL is right, Buitoni marketed these little gems in the '60s. Frank Tangel was the brains behind the pizzas. His son, Frank jr., was a buddy of mine and we used to gorge ourselves on 'em.

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                    DO they still make them . I would love to get a box .Ask Frank JR

                  2. Had my mouth washed out with soap the first time i ate these in the 60's. I was twelve years old, took one bite that scorched the roof of my mouth and shouted a slew of obsenities. My mother grab a bar of soap and punished me for the obsenities. The soap helped with the burns, though.

                    NEVER AGAIN

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                      lol! i feel your pain. the sauce could be like lava if you didn't let the little death discs cool off. frank and i ditched the toaster route and used the oven so we could regulate internal temp and crispiness better.

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                        How many people burnt the roof of there mouths?

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                          The number of people who burnt the roof of their mouth is equal to the number of people who tried this product.

                    2. true, yet still I yearn for them...maybe that's why they disappeared, shredded roof-of-mouth lawsuits swamped them?

                      1. not sure why the toaster pizza thing failed but i'm guessing consistancy (shell, cheese, filling) may have had something to do with it. frank jr. was a good man who earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees (food science) at rutgers. i heard a rumor that he and his dad set up a company and were doing quite well.

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                          correction: frank jr. did his undergraduate work at Delaware Valley. Graduate work was at Rutgers.

                        2. I have also been looking for the toaster pizzas. I believe they were made by Butoni.

                          1. Validation! I've posted about these here a few times over the years and no one ever knew what I was talking about! I loved them so.

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                              Validation here too. I've mentioned them a couple of times---in the context of 'guilty pleasures'. I just googled Buitoni Toaster Pizza because of a sudden and inexplicable jones for them. Not only did I love them as a kid, burnt mouth, frozen innards and all, but years later as an adult I found them in a store and totally gorged on them (a bunch of years ago). I ate them a box (6 pieces, I think?) at a time.
                              They were pretty awful and god himself wouldn't recognize many of the ingredients but damn I sure could go for some now. From some web research it would seem that they are sadly no more.

                            2. We lived off of these in our house growing up. And yes, for some reason there was always a lump of frozen sauce in the middle, no matter how burnt the outside was from toasting. Such junk, no resemblence to pizza in any way, shape, flavor, or form but we loved them anyway.

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                                Don't Hot Pockets have similar mouth-incinerating qualities?

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                                  Don't know - not a childhood thing for me, I'm 48 and they weren't around then. I've never eaten one of those.

                              2. Oh my god!!! I remember those from when i was a kid! I loved those things...i have been trying to find them on-line because they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND in stores...i was beginning to think i was the only one who knew about them!! Pleeeeeese let me know if you ever find them!!!!

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                                  I just remembered them too! They tasted weird. But I ate them anyway.

                                2. Does anyone remember a jingle that may have been something like

                                  Toaster pizza --yeah yeah
                                  Pizza pizza --yeah yeah

                                  or am I just imagining things?

                                  1. I contacted Buitoni last year and asked them about these pizzas. They said they no longer make them, and would not bring them back. They don't fit in with the scheme of their products these days, what a shame!

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                                      Probably due to complaints of 3rd degree burns on the roofs of mouths! Anything hot and stuffed like that is dangerous.

                                    2. I remember they were called Toasterinos. They came in pizza and sloppy joe flavors. Nostalgia. Yes, charred on the outside, still frozen in the middle. Delicious.

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                                        I think that's probably a different product. Toast-R-Pizzas were the product name that a lot of us remember.

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                                            The product of my recollections is definitely Buitoni but I totally don't know that Ned Flanders name "Tosterinos". Nor did I ever know a meat version of the product. But that most certainly has the look of the old Buitoni Toaster Pizza.
                                            It's amazing that here I am living in Brooklyn with some of the world's best pizza available to me yet I would still buy a box of these turkeys in an instant and eat them all in one sitting. Gah!

                                      2. They were shaped like a disk, like a thick English Muffin
                                        filled with maters and meat and some cheese.

                                        These were days before microwaves
                                        so the toaster set rules
                                        of the kind of comestible snacks we could have.

                                        Red hot wires of tungsten
                                        lined ithe sides of the toaster
                                        and hummed red as they heated our snack.

                                        Best success for good crust and a hot melted center
                                        was had if you pulsed and you "Doubled down".

                                        Meaning, first run was sent down in those deep toaster jaws
                                        just to give it a bit of a char and a thaw.

                                        Then after two minutes suspended atop those resting jawtops
                                        (And this was the toughest wait when you were a kid)
                                        you slid down the lever and sent it back in there
                                        to take the tight heating from those strongly strung tungstens.

                                        They emerged with a ring
                                        as a pretty good thing
                                        that had to be rested a minute
                                        before devouring.

                                        Yes, they were branded as pizzas from Buitoni
                                        and whoever imagined they'd get swamped by the tool of the microwave.

                                        I'll give kudos, as oldster
                                        to the tungsten-lined toaster
                                        to crank out those disk-ed Buitonis.

                                        I still hear aroma and ring of those things.


                                        1. The trick was to prick the middle with a fork so that they would cook evenly. The best part was the crispiness of the crust. I would break off a piece and scoop out the inside.

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                                            I suppose that the beauty of good toaster pizza
                                            has been usurped in this next generation by the ease of Hot Pockets.

                                            But those laminated metal foils
                                            that give microwave its broil

                                            Are nothing compared to the radiantly charred crust
                                            developed on a disc of Buitoni in the toaster.

                                            1. I was thinking of a campaign to bring this back. I will create a campaign page on Facebook and would love for as many as you as possible to become members and write in to Buitoni in order to make our wishes known. Anyone interested may contact me at rdambeck@yahoo.com and lets band together to bring this back. There is no reason not to make this. Hot Pockets and Pizza Bites burn the roof of your mouth just as much as these things did. If we can get a hold of the original creators of the toaster Pizzas that would be fantastic. I think this will work. Lets bring back this treat from our childhood.

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                                              1. re: silvereagle2061

                                                So many mouths to burn, so little time.
                                                Best of luck on your initiative.Maybe track Frank, Jr. and see where that leads you.

                                              2. I remember these!!! Buitoni Toaster pizzas. We had them all the time. They would burn on the outside, split open and get sauce all over the toaster, burn the skin off the roofs of our mouths and WE LOVED THEM!! My dad would tell our mom not to buy them because they had rat hairs in them. We didn't care, we knew he just didn't want to hear us fighting over them. My brother was chasing my sister around for the last one and she had to get stitches after running through a storm door trying to save it. Her hand missed the handle and went through the glass. Good times. Now I just gotta find me some PDQ, and my after school snack will be all ready.