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Feb 13, 2007 11:53 AM

Peruvian ceviche and chicken?

Best Peruvian ceviche?

Discovered an underground Peruvian restaurant a few years back in Jackson heights that had the best ceviche with that awesome spicy sauce (leche de tigre). Unfortunately the place closed. Where oh where do I find this perfect dish?

And while i'm here, where do I find the best Peruvian roast chicken?

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  1. my neighborhood spot is pio pio riko on manhattan ave in greenpt, and i love it. really good ceviche and parahuela (mixed fried seafood) and great chicken, though i think that the chicken at pio pio might be better. however, ppr has a bigger menu/more variety and i like having the seafood options. there's also a p.p.r. in queens, which i haven't tried.

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      The place was in someones home. They turned the ground floor into a restaurant.

    2. Pio Pio on Northern Blvd is very well regarded in JH, as you will see if you do a search on this board. Their chicken is good, I don't think their green sauce is all that. I think ceviche may be on the menu, but I can't report on it. As noted above, the menu is pretty limited.

      As you may also notice if you do a seach, I'm a stalwart fan of another local place, La Casa del Pollo Peruano, which has 2 places on Roosevelt in JH and another on National Ave in Corona. Not as relaxing an atmosphere as Pio Pio - unless you find bright fluorescent lights and lot of Formica to be relaxing! Much humbler place, but I love their bird.

      As for ceviche in JH, I recall seeing a very recent disussion about it - maybe within the last few weeks?

      BTW, was that place that closed literally underground, or just way off the radar?

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      1. re: Helen F

        the place was both off the radar and way underground. It was in her home.

      2. Corona Avenue & Junction Blvd. in Queens!!! Pollo al a Brasa - delicious chicken and amazing ceviche. The problem with ceviche is that many different countries boast having the "best", but the styles that come from different parts of each country vary greatly! This spot has my favorite kind and it is SPICY!

        1. the ceviche at pio pio in jackson heights is awful. a straight up tasteless and odd mess. just stick to the chicken and the sides when you go to that branch of pio pio.

          not peruvian, but the ceviche at tequila sunrise on bell blvd in bayside, queens was very tasty and i almost licked the plate clean.

          1. great place for ceviche, strangely enough due to its Andean and not coastal Peruvian theme, is Inti Raymi in Jackson Heights