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Feb 13, 2007 11:49 AM

Palermo's Pizza Rosa

I know that Palermo's gets a lot of grumbles on this board. And deservedly so. At least in my experience. Misses there have included: fettucini alfredo (both crunchy and watery?); brown iceburg lettuce salad (with "italian" or "ranch" - no other options); spaghetti and meatballls (meatballs were cold!); bruschetta (flavorless and unripe tomatoes and the "bread" is their regular garlic cheese bread, which is oily and lacking flavor); pasta with pesto (pesto tasted off - like the oil'd gone rancid); cannolis (stale and plastic-tasting); chocolate cake (frozen and dry).

Edible: sausage sandwich, but I'd not order it again, 'cause I can get much better elsewhere.

But ...

I love their Pizza Rosa! Thicker crust, brushed with oil - then tomato slices, cheeses, and (I think that this is the key) FETA cheese! Cooked until well done (else the crust can be pretty raw in the middle). Hot, gooey, a little salty, a little greasy - it's pretty darn near perfect.

I'm not a pizza snob by any means - and while I tend to prefer thicker crusts I've also had some excellent thin/crisp crust pies. I've had sweet sauces and tangy sauces and pies with "other" sauces (alfredo, pesto, garlic and olive oil, etc.). I like a good cheese-only pie - and one smothered in various toppings. I like white pizzas, and bar-b-que chicken pizzas, and eggplant with hummus pizzas, and even (once) an excellent seafood pizza. I like veggies and meats and all sorts of cheese. I like it by the slice - and cut into squares. I like it dining in and as take-out. I've had decent frozen pizzas and others that were okay from supermarket delis (though I do doctor them a bit). Heck, I even like my mother's "Bisquick" pizza.

But the only pizza that I've ever craved is Palermo's Pizza Rosa.

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  1. Odd I crave Follow Your Heart's Friday night Pizza night thick crust special. And trust me, many people would scoff at it on here.

    The only other Pizza I crave is the Sea of Love or Garlic and Artichoke from Northern Calis (santa cruz and such ) Pizza My Heart.

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      oh god follow your hearts pizza is to die for....and i cant speak for any other chi chi's but the one in simi has the best tomato basil pizza...EVER!

    2. I totally agree with you. The Pizza Rosa is sooooo good and worth going to Palermo's for. Its that delicious feta cheese, I have never had a pizza like it anywhere else.

      1. Yeah, the food at Palermo's stinks for the most part, yet I still enjoy going there. The best things:
        1) Cheap wine from a box while you wait for your table
        2) Great atmosphere (Los Feliz area hot spot)
        3) The Pizza Rosa
        Otherwise they have provided me with some of the worst meals I've ever eaten.

        1. the pizza rosa is the key. i discovered palermo about two months ago and have yet to be disappointed. I liked the salads..the Italian dressing is signature and super tasty. the food is pretty simple...i've yet to try the pasta..i don't think i'll ever want to..... stick to the PIZZA good. i've been there four times since my first visit. The place is what it is... main stream Italian.