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Feb 13, 2007 11:39 AM

Stocking Up

With bad weather bearing down on the midwest and east coast I am wondering what you all stock up on, if anything at all? I usually only stock up on beer, wine and booze, just in case the office closes so I can celebrate, which has only happened once. AI also make sure I have candles in case the power goes.

On the same subject, why do people stock up on bread and milk? I saw a news segment where a woman in the midwest was at Meijer picking up 8 gallons of milk and many loaves of wonder bread. What could she possibly be doing with such things? And why would you want to live off of them for days if you couldn't leave home?

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  1. Maybe she had a day care center or something. Otherwise, wouldn't that milk go bad before her family finished it?

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      It can be stored outside in the below-zero temperatures.

      1. re: FlavoursGal

        Good point. You can tell I'm a California girl!

    2. that pre-blizzard supermarket frenzy has always mystified me. there are very few places left where one is actually snowed in for endless days.

      i confess i am going shopping now to get my ingredients for v-day dinner, rather than trudge through the snow tomorrow. although i did decide to make hot soup instead of cold pate!

      1. My 17 year old called me at the office and asked if a few of her friends could sleep over and then bake tomorrow (we're the food and cooking house). So i stocked up on eggs, flour chocolate, chocolate chips, etc, plus a nice oven stuffer and some yukon golds for all of us to eat tomorrow night.

        Likewise a couple of DVD's (Departed for my boston brethren).

        1. this may not qualify as 'stocking up' for survival's sake, but whenever the weather gets super cold I buy a lot of chocolate and invite friends over for board games and chocolate fondue, and hot chocolate in the morning.

          1. Jfood - now I am craving chocolate chip cookies!

            I was just talking about the ridiculousness of stocking up on bread and milk! I can't understand it either.

            Though I confess I did go shopping today - grabbed a few things for a Valentine's breakfast tomorrow before my man leaves me for a week (to Florida, for business, if his flight leaves as scheduled amid the storm that's supposed to hit in the Northeast...)
            Picked up lots of hot peppers too - much more essential to life than bread.

            Got the Departed DVD too...will watch it tonight while noshing on takeout Indian food...cozy! This is our Valentine's dinner, a night early. And I know, I know, I am a big shmoopy! (No, you're the shmoopy...)