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Feb 13, 2007 11:35 AM

Glass Top stove, what's best to use on it?

I have a new glass top stove, rather have gas, but not a choice. What should I use to cook on the glass top, that is easy to clean and will not scratch my stove. thanks.

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  1. I use All CLad SS, cast iron and Le Creuset. IMO you can use pretty much anything.

    Don't believe the myth that you can't use cast iron or LC on glass/ceramic stoves. Just be careful, as they are heavy.

    1. I too am stuck w/a glass top electric stove and like C. Hamster, use any and everything on it. The one bonus is that they clean pretty easy. But I'd still rather have a gas range.

      1. I have a glass topped gas range. I know that bewilders people but it is a tempered glass sealed top with gas burners that sit on top. GE Monogram. I use everything on it. My only word of warning about glass tops is that they can develop glass fatigue and can shatter. I did this on New Year's Eve with the slightest tap. I later found that age does not have much to do with it and it can happen just about anytime so be careful. It took me a month to get a new top and the thing put back together again. The photo shows it prebreakage. It is 5 burners with a downdraft vent. The tempered glass never seemed to scratch much at all. It did not look 16 years old when I shattered it. What I had the most trouble with was the drip pans chipping. They are enamel on steel and are less substantial than they appear. They chip easily and were over $60@ to replace.

        1. I use Calphalon commercial, some stainless steel, and cast iron. The only drawback to cast iron is you have to be careful not to move it around because it may scratch the cooktop. Everything else works without any special handling.

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            I agree. I have a GE flat-top electric stove (I don't have gas in the house) and I am pleased with it. I think it 's cool-looking. I don't use cast iron because GE recommended that you don't, but a lot of people on this board disagree with that approach. I use everything else, including SS, non-stick, anodized, and they work fine. I clean it with this special glass-top cleaner and/or barkeeper's friend, and it cleans beautifully.

          2. I've got a Jenn-Air glass cooktop that has held up well for over 20 years, and there's no cookware that can't be used on it. I've been using Bon Ami to clean it since it was new, and it does a great job.

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              We, too, had a glass-top Jenn-Air (two induction, two radiant, cookiing areas) for ten years, just replaced it with a glass-top (all-induction) LG. They both have Schott Ceran tops -- in fact, ALL glass-top cooktops, regardless of brand, are Schott Ceran, because Schott has a tight lock on some important patents. Like CindyJ, we have used all kinds of stainless steel and cast iron pots on our glass-tops with no problems at all.

              We do use the ubiquitous Weiman Glass Cook Top cleaner for a full cleaning once a month or so (maybe less often than that), but mostly wipe it down daily with a spritz of Windex Vinegar Multi-Surface and a paper towel.

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                By way of follow-up, I sold that Jenn-air glass cooktop almost two years ago. It was more than 20 years old and I got $250 for it; that's more than half of what I paid for it. It was truly in great condition, and I'm not a clean-freak by any stretch of the imagination. And, it was a thousand times easier to clean that the stainless steel Dacor gas cooktop I've replaced it with.