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Feb 13, 2007 11:23 AM

French toast greatness ... or at least ... goodness?

Where is supurb (to you) French toast being served?

I don't eat French toast often. A few weeks ago, Alvarado Bar and Grill was out of pumpkin pancakes. Grudgingly I ordered the baked apple French toast ... which turned out to be quite tasty ... not upscale ... just trashy good.

Two thick, ultra-custardy pieces of French toast had a layer of baked apple slices that covered every inch of the top with a blanket of comforting cinnamon-y scrumptiousness. Generous plump, warm raisins were scattered everywhere. The whole thing was topped with the finest aerosol whipped cream, a la Reddi-whip.

Maple syrup was there for pouring pleasure ... but really ... this was a challenging dish as it was ... delicious ... but killer calories. I drizzled a tiny bit on one piece and it actully was good. Couldn't possibly up the flavor more, but didn't push the toast beyond sweetness.

Two people splitting the dish would be filled. .

I like all French Toast ... from huaute toast to trailer toast. Actually ... my memories are more of the latter. My favorite FT was Bob Big Boy's deep-fried French toast. Anyone deep-frying French toast these days like Bob's?

Any more culinary correct versions out there? I hear Rick & Ann's makes good French toast?

Previous post about Alvarado Bar & Grill with address

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  1. Thanks for posting and asking about this rw - I had some not-so-good french toast at The Joy Of Cooking in Vallejo not too long ago and was thinking of asking where the good stuff was (I forgot to post the question though)

    1. Blackberry Bistro in Oakland always had great french toast -- there was recently an ownership change and I haven't been since then, but I'd try there.

      1. Citizen Cake here in the City. More on the haute end - really custardy, balanced sweetness, toppings vary seasonally. Best I've had in SF. Not sure if they offer it at any other times besides weekend brunch.

        1. I complained about bad french toast on a recent brunch thread. It takes a bit of time, so I guess places just skimp when it is busy. All you need is good bread and the time to soak it in the custard. But so many times it just comes out dry and bland.

          I'll have to try Blackberry Bistro soon.

          And I have a recipe where you soak the bread overnight and then bake it in the morning. Almost bread pudding when it comes out of the oven.

          1. Garcon has a shockingly good french toast. I think they make it with brioche, serve it with whipped cream and a small side of strawberries and creme ingles (sp?). The overall result is similar to a strawberry shortcake. I also recommend the croque madam ( a croque monsieur with a fried egg on it)

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              Okay, that's enough to get me back to Garcon. I won't return there for dinner, but I will try their French toast. Avoid the $10-for-one-slice-of-bread at Bar Tartine.