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Burgers/Sandwiches near Burlington, MA?

Are there any good, inexpensive places to get simple lunch food that's any good in the Burlington area?

I work in an office right across from the food court entrance to the mall, and the indian and greek food there is ok, but alas, I imagine there are better things.

The Border Cafe that *just* opened up at the intersection of Middlesex tpke and Mall rd has some tasty inexpensive (~$6-7) lunch options - enchiladas, etc, but I'm not always in the mood for tex-mex or cajun cooking.

Is there a good place to get burgers or sandwiches around here?

Co-workers would say Chilis, but alas, they aren't good at all, and there's gotta be some hidden one-of-a-kind gems around.

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  1. If memory serves me, isn't there a Johnny Rockets in that mall? Good burgers and fries and nothing says afternoon productivity more than a burger, fries and a giant shake.

    1. I believe it's David's World Famous Sandwiches. They have locations in office parks in Burlington and in Woburn. Fresh meats and interesting combinations.

      1. I like Dandelion Greens (just across from the Mall on Mall Rd.) and I love Victoria Station too on Middlesex St. across from Tower Records. (Looks like a train) Always had a great lunch in there, from burger to apps, to steak tips.

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          Victoria station went away before I started working out here..
          Now it's the Border Cafe that I mentioned above.

          I have heard that Victoria station isn't too bad.. they have another location somewhere else in the state, right?

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            Victoria Station is gone forever.
            The local franchise owner closed them one by one.
            The last 2 were Framingham and Burlington.
            The Burlington one was razed to become Border Cafe this year.
            http://www.vicsta.com/index.html leads you to a book on the subject.
            There is a Victoria Station in Salem at Pickering Wharf, but I am not sure about any connection to the chain.

        2. David's World Famous is excellent (salmon sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, and possibly my favorite sweet potato fries ever).

          Otherwise, that area of Burlington is mostly filled with chains. The Indian restaurant in the food court is actually quite good imo (and pretty well priced), so don't discount it too much. :)

          If you have a little more time, there are a couple of sandwich places off exit 34 towards Woburn (Winn St), and a couple more in downtown Woburn itself. It shouldn't be too hard to get on and off the highway at that time of day. There's also a little sandwich and salads cafe (that also had bubble tea the last time I was there) in Woburn Four Corners that was pretty good - you'd go to exit 33 (3 south) towards Winchester and just stay on 3 until you get to the business area with KFC / McDonalds / etc - it's in a little strip mall on the left.

          Oh - there's a new Fresh City (another chain, though) in the new shopping mall just at the 3 s highway exit - the mall with Borders and L.L. Bean. There's also a little Pan-Asian cafe called Ginger Pad (I think it's a small chain) that I like because it seems to use fresh ingredients prepared fairly healthily (order at the counter - they bring the food to your table / pack it up to go). These places are a little closer than Woburn Four Corners and may be easier for you to get to on your lunch break.

          (Also, if you keep going down 3 s for a couple more minutes, you'll get to Whole Foods.)

          Victoria Station closed and I think turned into Border Cafe.

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            Hmm.. lots of good recs! thanks!

            Yes, the Indian place is pretty good, just getting a little tired of it.
            Another in the food court that is pretty new (it used to be a stand) and good is Appleseed.

            They make savoury lunch crepes (tuna, steak, ham, veggie) and also sweet ones with banana and chocolate. In addition, they make panini sandwiches, and have bubble tea (though the bubble tea doesn't seem appealing to me - it's pre-made and has a peel-off top -- I can't say how it tastes though - I haven't ever tried one).

            I never knew about them before they moved into an official spot in the food court, so I'm not sure if they changed the kind of things they make any.

          2. Try Servizio Cafe, located on Wall St (off of Cambridge St) Just down the hill from the new Wayside Mall. They used to be in the mall next to Paparazzi, but just moved into the office building across the street. They now also have an outdoor patio. Great food sandwiches and homemade meals for lunch! http://www.serviziocafe.com

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            1. re: SheilaS19

              I enthusiastically second Servizio Cafe. Its a little known hidden jewel in a town that is a wasteland for good resturants.

              1. re: shaebones

                Hmm I'll have to try that too..

                Regular pizza joints - for a quick bite to eat, I normally am *ok* with, but OMG, that Pizza Presti place is absolutely horrible... I tried it once on a whim, figuring it wouldn't be great, but just something ok to eat, boy was I wrong.. Ugh! never again!

                I'm looking forward to trying out Burlington Cold Cut and Servizio Cafe. I'll have to try that friday, if they're open.

            2. I liked Flatbread Pizza very much.

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                hands down the best inexpensive lunch food is burlington cold cut on 3a just past the common across from dunkins. it's a take out joint with a few seats around the walls. the line is usually out the door with contractors, cops and office workers but that's beacuse the subs are great and the homemade itialian foods in the case are really good, portions huge and prices cheap. try the aussie chicken over rice or chicken marsala. cavetelli or usually ziti with sausage and meatballs is a favorite. bring $6 and a huge appetite.

                1. re: Bighead

                  LOL I went looking for this today, not having looked at your post in a while just going from memory and I somehow had in my mind that you meant it was a bit beyond the new Wayside commons (from your mention of 'commons').. I was of course, entirely wrong. I ended up stopping at Panera, which wasn't too bad, but I'm sure wasn't no Burlington Cold Cut. :)

                  I'll try again later this week.

                  1. re: Keithel

                    Burlington Cold Cut is just north of Papa Gino's on 3A and is across from Dunkin Donuts like Bighead said. This is right near where Winn Street hits 3A.
                    Hope that helps you find the place.

                    There is a fried fish place across the street from there that isn't too bad.

                    You could do worse than Panera Bread that's for sure. At least it's consistent.