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I heard lots of good things about Apizz and when I went there, I must admit, I was slightly underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, the four items we had ranged from good to excellent, but I didn't have the oh-my-god experience I was hoping for. Maybe nothing could have lived up to the hype.

The pizza was just cheese on flat bread with a sliced up basil leaf. It was plenty tasty, but I could have made that at home in less than five minutes with a dollar's worth of ingredients. Not what I expected for a $13 appetizer.

My wife had the polenta and said it was magnificent. I guess I just don't like polenta.

Our entrees were both very good. She had the gnocchi and beef and I had the skate with new potatoes. However, I was disappointed that the risotto on the website menu is no longer on the actual menu.

So again, everything was fine and good. Maybe I'm just on a tighter budget than most of this restaurant's patrons. If I'm gonna drop a note on dinner for two, I wanna leave with that gaga feeling. And now that I'm thinking about it, it was probably the appetizers and lack of risotto that did my opinion in. Because the entrees were really great.

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  1. i felt the same. apizz was perfectly good, but not great. i think the orchard is better. more even across the board. same owner/chef as orchard.

    1. I like Apizz a lot, but if you're looking for "gaga," then your price range is definitely too low. You'll rarely get that for $100 for 2, which is on the low end of the going rate these days.

      1. Actually Hearth is in that same price range and we were totally wowed by every course. It's still the best restaurant we've been to. Not that we've been to the 4-star Michelin places. We're looking at the Little Owl in the West Village for our anniversary. Any thoughts?

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          Hearth is more expensive--it's more like $200 for 2 people for dinner. I really like the Little Owl--very good food and nice service. I don't know that you'll go "gaga," though--food is very simply prepared and hearty.

        2. I'm kind of bummed to hear the ho-hum reviews of Apizz, since I'm going there Thurs night. Any others have any suggestions for more memorable items that are must-haves? Or should I cancel and book somewhere else?

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            I thought the polenta and mushroom app was far and away the best thing I had at Apizz. The lasagna was good, but not particularly memorable. Next time I go I want to try the gnocci with short ribs. That seems to be the most widely praised dish on Apizz's menu.

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              I LOVE IT THERE. Love it. Get the gnocchi with honey braised short ribs or the wild boar lasagna. Their butternut squash ravioli in butter and sage is delcisious too (but it's sweet). Their whole fishes are great too. I dunno why ppl aren't loving it. Maybe it suits my palate? But the food I go back for at least once a month. I'm addicted to the gnocchi.

            2. I'm not sure bummed is the reaction I was going for. The gnocchi really was quite good (probably the night's winner) as was my skate. Like I said, I think it was the two appetizers and my disappointment that I wasn't getting risotto that dimmed my experience.

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                  Maybe I need to re-try the meatballs. When I had them, they were, frankly, terrible. Dry and flavorless.
                  The gnocchi, on the other hand, was delicious.

                2. We got out of Hearth at $150 with tip, and that was with two drinks and two desserts. We only had one drink and no desserts at Apizz, and it was $105.

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                    The most expensive thing at Apizz is $26. The cheapest thing at Hearth is $25, and that's a vegetarian pasta. Prices go to $32.

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                      I've never gotten out of Hearth for less than 75 bucks for a 3 course meal with wine. Apizz is slightly cheaper and a lot more rustic. You may enjoy sister resto the Orchard more.

                  2. Ap*zzASh*tt

                    Bad service. I ordered a pizza extra crispy. It arrived under-done and gummy......a difficult feat, given its small-plate footprint. The waitress visited the table just once after our food had arrived, cursorily asking me if our food were OK. Because my mouth was full and chewing, I could not talk, and she took that opportunity to scurry away fast. There was never any offer of grated cheese or fresh pepper on our dishes, or more ice water. At the end, when she literally slapped down the tab, I finally was able to say how the pizza was not cooked per request. Her response: "Sorry, too bad." She earned my modest tip, but not a penny more.

                    I afterwards called the manager to recount in a respectful manner the disappointing service. He yelled at me and hung up the phone. My father made a living as a waiter, teaching me the two-way importance of being a polite, reasonable diner and a helpful staff member.