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Feb 13, 2007 11:04 AM

Lunch in Riverside?

We're heading out to LA in a couple of weeks, and we need to spend a day out in Riverside. Any suggestions for a good, tasty lunch spot?

Looking for something simple, fresh, and economical.

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  1. I'm often in Riverside on business and I think Pacific Cafe on 9th Street downtown (just south of Market) is very good for a very tasty and reasonable lunch. Decent (though not outstanding) sushi, nice bento boxes, above average tempura and well prepared (i.e. not too sweet or gloppy) teriyaki served in a nice, but not fancy setting. 3770 9th St. 951-782-0888

    1. Maybe BHAppeal can concur, but Simple Simons in the promenade just south of the Mission Inn has amazing sandwiches and salads and its fun to sit outside and people watch

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        Point well taken -- Simple Simons is also an excellent choice. The lunch fare is definitely a major cut above most sandwich places.

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          Amen to Simple Simons. Bread is very good and made in-house, nice generous amount (though not ridiculous, like some delis!) of good fresh ingredients on the sandwiches, homemade-tasting salads. That promenade is very pleasant to walk around on, too. We'd never been to Riverside, and came away liking it very much. Note their hours - they're open only for breakfast and then for lunch until I think 5:00, when they close. They state clearly that they stop serving an hour (I think) before they close, which strikes me as a good way to avoid annoying either the customers or the help.

      2. Las Campanas in the Mission Inn. Especially if the weather is nice enough for outdoor dining. I remeber getting a dish several times which was excellent called something like snapper veracruzano.

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          I second Las Campanas. Great atmosphere, good food.