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Menu for Babita's in San Gabriel?

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Does anyone know where I can find Babita's menu online? Or does anyone happen to have a pdf (or any other accessible format) of their menu? Thanks!

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  1. thanks, it does sound awesome. menu prices do seem a tad bit high for lunch though.

    Looks like a fine Mexico City restaurnat, what's the region it's based on?

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      Yucatan / Mayan.

      If you go, in addition to the cochinita pibil and the shrimp, make sure to try his ceviche. I would almost consider giving up all sashimi for an endless supply of the ceviche ...

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        his ceviche is topped with caviar, too, right?

        why's it so expensive though, basically santa monica, bh prices.

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          It's more expensive than your typical Mexican restaurant like Guelaguetza, but in my opinion it is very much worth it.

    2. It is expensive, but soooo worth it. The dinner menu is actually larger than the lunch menu (I would highly recommend the sauteed mushrooms, which is an appetizer on the dinner menu only). And going there at dinner time, you won't feel so bad spending $20 for an entree. They also have wines from Mexico that are really good, which I have never found at any other restaurant.

      1. No wonder their valentine day set menu is $45!

        1. i just had them fax me a menu. lunch and dinner.


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