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Best bloody mary in OC

I love a good bloody mary, the best I've had is at "The Loft" at the Montage in Laguna. Any ideas on your favorite, I live in Irvine?

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  1. Houston's
    The Ritz

    1. I think it would be fun to drink a Bloody Mary in every single bar in Orange County and then decide which was best.

      Sort of like a quest.

      1. I actually like Mary's Bloody Mary's at The Place in CdM - lots of horseradish. Not exactly on the same elegance scale as the others mentioned, though... Can't say I've tried the others & now that football season is over, it will be awhile before I get back to The Place.

        1. Not for a purist, but the bloody marys at Sunday House in San Clemente are super. You just cannot believe them - they are almost a meal!!! I believe the restaurant is called Sunday House, my feverish brain may not remember the name correctly - its right next to the train depot and is on one of the oldest streets in CA.

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            Is this the place your talking about?

            Ramos House Cafe
            31752 Los Rios St
            San Juan Cpstrno, CA 92675

          2. While I can't claim to have ordered a lot of them here in The OC, I too love a good bloody mary. The best I've ever had was also at Ramos House. They do great brunch, and their bloody mary just puts it over the top. Highly recommended !

            1. Yes, indeed, it is the Ramos House - I had a wonderful meal there - fried chicken salad - crispy fried buttermilk chicken (a lot of it) on top a mixed greens salad with super dressing.

              1. I would love to find as good a bloody mary as they make at Mammoth Mountain - LA or OC! They are like a meal - they make the "sauce" days in advance - it's as thick as a marinara!

                1. Well Ramos House has been the ranked the best restaurant for food in OC for 2 years running so I must go soon. Thanks.

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                    Ranked by WHO?
                    It's definitely not the best food in OC by a long shot! It's not even in the top ten?
                    Ramos House does a nice breakfast and that's about it!

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                      Ranked by Zagat 2 years in a row as the best food, tied this year with Blue Fin. I've never been there, but when a restaurant gets a 27 and a 28 in food in successive years in Zagat, you can usually bet it's pretty darn good.

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                        I would give zero credibility to Zagat surveys. Ramos House is open from 8:30am-3pm. They're good for breakfast and weekend brunch. Definitely not the best food in OC by any stretch of the imagination.

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                          In this case Zagat is sadly mistaken. Also I was just at Blue Fin and it was disappointing . Zagat is not always dependable, BTW I'm a contributor to "Z".