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Feb 13, 2007 10:25 AM

MainLine Italian grocery store

I have yet to find a store like DiBruno Bros out here on the Main Line. What gives? Please tell me there is something out here!!

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  1. You might want to give Carlino's in Ardmore a try.

    1. Carlino's is the can also try Frateli Rago on Montgomery Avenue in Narberth (across from Staples). They used to be in the Albrecht's Market.

      1. Carlinos on County Line Rd in Ardmore for sure

        1. There's a place in Newtown Square that I just noticed, and haven't tried yet. It's on a side street right near the new Bryn Mawr Trust location, which is roughly the northeast corner of Route 252 & West Chester Pike.

          While trying to find the Newtown Square one, I found this in Wayne: I think if it were any good I would know about it. I don't.

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            Are you thinking of Luigi and Giovanni's perhaps? They are very good but be forewarned...their prepared food section is much smaller than Carlinos. However, for Italian staples such as dried pastas, etc. they are great. I believe they also have a fairly large deli (of mostly "American" things as opposed to a lot of the imported stuff) but I can't speak from personal experience because I've never gotten anything from that section of the store.

            1. re: Laura D.

              I'm not sure of the name, but yeah, it did look a lot smaller than Carlino's.

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              Actually -- Minettis is quite good; but i would not consider it a grocery, more like a sandwich place. The sandwiches are fanstastic. But -- It doesn't have the greatest hours -- I often want to go there on a Friday night after an exhausting week of work- but they close so early (7 i think?)

              They do have one wall of Italian products, along with a refrigerated case with sauces, pastas, and gelatos.

            3. Nothing like DiBruno's- sorry! I like Carlino's too. I prefer to get my cheeses at the place in Ardmore Farmer's Market. I have stumbled across a few small places with some specialty items in Delaware County too.

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                I agree - there just is nothing like DiBruno Bros, and Carlino's is probably the best on the Main Line. But the cheese vendor at the Wayne Farmer's Market is excellent, and Whole Foods has a great Italian cheese selection. There was an Italian specialty foods shop on Louella in Wayne a few years ago, but they didn't make it.

                Farther afield, you can get Italian-style cheese from Hendrick's farm or from the shop Cheese in Phoenixville Borough.

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