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Feb 13, 2007 10:11 AM

Reasonable sushi for a date on the Westside?

Tonight I'm going for sushi on a second date. My date initially suggested Hama in Venice but now he's left it up to me to pick the place (heavy sigh of relief.)

I'd like to pick somewhere on the westside with good sushi (it doesn't have to be fantastic because tonight's not about food), that has good lighting/atmosphere/at least semi-romantic and not too loud... a cozy booth would be great, and not too expensive (about $50 with booze, tax and tip per person.) I'd go with the Hump or Asakuma but they're probably too expensive. I'd go with Uzen for the good food at the right price but it's probably too bright in there. I'm thinking maybe Hana Sushi on Wilshire.

Any other suggestions?

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    1. how about En Sushi on Santa Monica Blvd. near Barrington? I don't remember how expensive it is, and i've certainly heard mixed reviews from others, but i've always had decent meals there. And it has better atmosphere than most sushi restaurants.

      For what it's worth, i HATE Hana Sushi on Wilshire.

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      1. re: ddyouandme

        Many many years ago when Hana Sushi was one of the few sushi restaurants on the Westside, it was good. I hadn't eaten there in years, but when I tried it last year, I was shocked how it had changed for the worse.

      2. Hamasaku on SM. Don't let the strip mall location fool you. Nice atmosphere for a date, the sushi is good with reasonable prices and they have a few non-sushi dishes if you want to branch out.

        1. Sushi King is a good idea. I love that place.

          Never been to En Sushi but it looks like it's dark and good ambiance, that's a good idea too.

          I love Hamasaku but I remember them being on the pricier side.

          1. Okay this is a long shot but i would go to either Kaya Sushi on Washington (actually a Korean place). The atmosphere is nice and the sushi is decent enough. The other place is in a strip mall in Marina Del Rey (can't recall the name) and is between Sav-On and Von's on Glencoe (Mindinao is the cross street just off Lincoln). The reason I like this place is because you sit on the floor and everyone takes their shoes off.......kinda funky! The sushi is good and the prices are just right.

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            1. re: stvjennings

              Irori (where you sit on the floor) is decent. Kaya is abominable. Really really awful fish, but I agree the atmosphere is nice. Much better sushi in th Marina can be had at Tsuji No Hana in that strip mall on Lincoln with the US Bank. The place isn't flash, but the fish is extremely fresh and very well-prepared.

              1. re: hrhboo

                I agree that the sushi is not top notch but the Korean dishes are pretty good. I agree Tsuji No Hana is great - try to get one of the 2 younger chefs as they are much more into their craft than the older guy.

                1. re: stvjennings

                  Thanks for the tip. I've never tried their Korean dishes but will certainly give them another shot!

                  1. re: stvjennings

                    I thought Tsuji No Hana was on par with supermarket sushi and the miso definitely came from a mix. Plus, I wouldn't exactly describe it as a "date" restaurant. There is nothing cozy or romantic about it.

                    1. re: omotosando

                      I never implied that it was cozy or romantic. It's my weeknight sushi spot and I'm usually very happy with the quality of the fish.

                  2. re: hrhboo

                    imho the uncomfortable seating and table crowding at tsuji no hana makes it a no-go for a date