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Feb 13, 2007 09:51 AM

Palmer House Hilton this Saturday


We are staying at the Palmer House this Saturday and wanted nearby suggestions for an anniversary dinner. We'd like to be able to walk..Any suggestions where we might go in the snow? :)


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  1. Atwood Cafe (State and Washington) - very good contemporary American food. This is my favorite place to go before the Theater. If you want to go anytime before 7:30 be sure to make a reservation early (I'm not the only one who goes there before the theater)

    Other options:
    Trattoria 10 - very good Italian.
    Rhapsody - The restaurant connected to the Symphony center. I haven't been, but its gotten some good reviews on this board in the last few months.

    Also, if you are willing to hop in a cab, your options increase exponentially.

    1. Rhapsody is a good option, since there's an event at the Symphony Center at 8 pm, reservations seem to only be available after 7:30 or at 5:15. I'd suggest later,but that's just me.

      Russian Tea Time is right there as well...same deal with reservations most likely.

      But, as Suz says, if you are willing to get in a cab (easy to get in that area) you'll have more options.

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        I really need to get back to Russian Tea Time. We love that place. That beet salad is amazing. It would be a great place for an anniversary dinner.

      2. Vivere, for Italian food, is very good, and it's just a block and a half down the street. Note that the Italian Village consists of three restaurants. Vivere is the fine dining restaurant on the ground floor, NOT to be confused with the other two restaurants there.

        If you're looking for a VERY special place to celebrate the occasion, Everest is one of the very best restaurants in the city and is just a few blocks further. It may be tough to get reservations at this late date, but perhaps the concierge in the hotel can help you with that.

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          I would be CAREFUL of Vivere. It is tourist place, and the food is overpriced and not the quality that you are paying for. I would agree that Trattoria 10 and Rhapsody would be MUCH better options than Vivere.

          1. re: Bullit

            Are you SURE you're referring to Vivere? Because most people who call it a "tourist place" turn out to be talking about the other two restaurants there (the Village and La Cantina), and NOT Vivere.

            For more opinions on Vivere:

        2. Honestly there's not alot right around the Palmer House.... it's sort of like a morgue at night with a real "Woolworths" feel to alot of the stores around there. Take a $5 cab ride across the river into River North and you'll have dozens more options with more "warmth" on a cold evening.

          if you want some specific ideas, give us some idea of cuisines you like.

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          1. re: Chicago Mike

            Mike has some good points here. Also, this Saturday the forecast is temps in the 20s and snow. Add some wind to that and you might prefer the cab ride to a 6 block walk to Custom House. There are a lot more options in River North than around the Palmer house.

            1. re: wak

              Given the forecast, you might want to play it by ear. If the weather turns out to be bad, eating at The Big Downtown (see below) and not having to go outside at all has a lot of appeal.

          2. Custom House is another excellent possibility. It's 5-6 blocks south of Palmer House.

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              Ditto on Custom House, one of the better restaurants in Chicago and a good choice for an anniversary dinner. It's about a 10-minute walk from the Palmer House (into the wind). Here's the web site: