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Feb 13, 2007 09:28 AM

What is the word on the Beach Bistro?

What do peaple have to say about the Beach Bistro in Holmes Beach? There does not seem to be much feedback on the net from others about them but they present themself as being top flight, romantic, with exquisite food! Any comments?

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  1. I believe it is right on the North End of the Beach on the Beach. I ate there many years ago and it was outstanding. Not sure of the Address. Seems like I remember it was next to or attached to a little Motel.

    1. We had guests eat there Sunday night, and their comment was:
      Food was excellent, romantic setting, very expensive.
      They also charged by error for one additional drink, which they deducted.
      We go there a few times a year, and love it, but yes, its very expensive but very good.

      1. Excellent food and atmosphere. Tucked way in the back of a non-descript motel.. Make your reservations for just after sunset. Watch the sun go down, and see if you can spot the "green flash." Then have a delightful dinner. It is the equal of any top tier restaraunt we've eaten in. Prices are on a par, but this ain't no fried fish joint either.