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No Good Mexican & Brewpub Rest. on L.I.?

I've yet to try a good Mexican restaurant on Long Island that approaches even the most mediocre Mexican in southern California. I tend to go to Pancho's Cantina in Long Beach for lack of a better option.

Same goes for brewpubs...where are they? John Harvard's in Smithtown? Beer's good, but have you tried the food lately? South Hampton Public house - you tellin me I gotta drive an hour and a half...come on. Brick house Brewery in Patchogue? Never been there and haven't heard anything about it - their web page doesn't paint the most appealing picture.

Any recommendations?

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    1. Can't help out on Brew Pubs but for excellent authentic Mexican food head over to Huntington Station to a little deli with a tiny restaurant in the back called Fonda Coyoacan. Here's some more info on it. Not a place to hang out and drink margaritas but if it's chowhound-ey food you want, this is it.


      1. it's not you, I've been searching for good mexican on long island for 20 years. i'm still searching. the chains are mediocre americanized mexican. green cactus is a good fast food option, they make good fresh burritos(huge). also try another good fastfood chain called Chipotle. both have several locations. The newest, hottest and most upscale authentic Mexican is Besito of Huntington and now in Roslyn. I am in the minority here, most people really like Bessito, I was not impressed. Great tableside Guacamole, but very expensive and miniscule portion. I tried 5 or 6 other shared dishes and i really wanted to like it, i just didn't think it was great. Best part of the meal were the warm churros @ the end of the meal. I am a freak for good tequilla and they do a measured pour @ Bessito. Are you kidding me! at $13 a pour i'll take more than a measured ounce please. Give it a try maybe you'll love it and i just have a bad mexican food palate. Do not know of many brew pubs on long island, but if you want great beer and mussels, Try Waterzooi belgian bistro in Garden City. huge pots of mussels(try the creole w/ crawfish tails or paella mussels) with a list of several hundred imported beers. The beers are amazing.

        1. Just today went to the M.V office in Riverhead a restaurant right next to it called Sabor Latino appeared to be lively with Nortino /Tejano music being played I ran in grabbed a menu .Hispanic folks seemed to be enjoying the food When I look at the menu it doesn't specify whether it's Mexican or other....it smelled good in there and I see taco,tortilla,quesadella as well as puposa on the menu .Portions looked ample that I eyeballed as I quickly went in.Any Info????

          1. Brick House is pretty good by LI standards. Their beer is decent, the food is competently executed. It's a nice friendly place to hang and drink, but don't expect anything stellar. Good beers are tap there are the Hoptical Illusion from Blue Point brewery, which is sometimes there as a guest beer. If the Brick House Saison (seasonal) is on tap, go grab it. Great beer. The backyard is pretty nice in the summer.

            You can have beer at Blue Point brewery as well. They have to do some pretty weird things to comply with the liquor laws, so call and ask hours/restrictions, etc. Like I said, go grab the Hoptical.

            Agreed with John Harvard. Food is scary bad, and I wasn't thrilled about their beer, either. Extremely high noise level.

            And yes, I wasn't able to find decent Mexican on LI either. The best luck I've had has been in Queens, and Philadelphia, where some authentic tacquerias have opened up. The LI and NY/Manhattan Mexican food scene isn't a good one.

            I'm in mourning for all of the burritos I'm missing out on. Wish I was back in Silicon Valley.

            1. Brewpub: Black Forest Brewhaus in Farmingdale

              Ditto the rec. for Fonda Coyacan (I'm the one who posted the review referenced above)

              1. Sorry I can't remember the name of the place but it was in one of those three sided square strip shopping centers on Horse Block Road in Farmingville --land of the Mexican workers waiting outside for cars to pick them up for work. No one in the place spoke English and the emphasis was on Mexican seafood, although a bit of Portugese food was also available. I had the Lobster which was sauteed in light Mexican spices and heavenly. My friend had the shrimp in green sauce -- one of about a dozen shrimp offerings. He liked it so much he never even offered me a taste and that is thoroughly unlike him. We've both traveled extensively in Mexico and this was some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. Forget the Tex-Mex style food though. They don't have it here.

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                  I think that may be the Taste of Portugal restaurant on Horseblock Road.
                  It is (was?) Portugese owned but the menu has been adapted to accomodate the growing Mexican population in the area.

                2. There is authentic Mexican in Glen Cove because there is a large immigrant population. There used to be an AMAZING restaurant next to Henry's that I stumbled upon as a teenager because they wouldn't card us there. Then I found out they had the best Mexican food I'd ever eaten. Much more beyond typical taco truck fair (tortillas, beans, cheese, meat). Thinking about it makes me sad now.

                  1. Croaxley Ale House in Franklin Square - approx 50+ on tap and much more in bottle.
                    They don't brew themselves, but excellent choices of fine brews.