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Feb 13, 2007 08:50 AM


Would anyone have recommendations on fine dining in Dominca. I'm spending a long weekend there and would enjoy a good meal or two.


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  1. wish i could - the island is fabulously beautiful. we were there recently during our cruise, but we didn't get to eat while we were there because I fell and broke my ankle during our tour. We would have probably had dinner on the island if I hadn't.

    1. I was in Dominica for two weeks last summer for a wedding. My faves were Guiyave (Iin Roseau) and the Waterfront Retaurant at the Fort Young Hotel where I stayed was great too and the view of the Caribbean Sea from there can't be beat. I heard that La Robe Creole is also very good but I did not eat there. Another place the locals told me to go to was Pappillote Rain Forest Restaurant in the mountains but I did not have the time. Enjoy.

      1. Have some peanut ice cream if you get a chance and a peanut cocktail..had a few at the Coconut Beach Hotel up in

        1. Steve's Restaurant. This used to be in Wesley (northeast) when I first ate there but I've heard that Steve since moved to Roseau. He is a fantastic cook. This is local cooking in local setting (no disrespect to the Fort Young Hotel but that's the top tier, which is fine, but if you're looking for, or interested in, the local cuisine made by local people, I don't think you'll get that at Fort Young).

          I highly recommend looking for Steve's ...

          1. Will look for Steve too the next time I am there Phelana but Guiyave's is also where the locals eat in Rosseau and they are economical. Try the pelau, crabbacks and some fresh passionfruit juice, you won't be sorry...