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Feb 13, 2007 08:41 AM

50th Birthday

My hubby is turning 50 at the end of this month and I've been scrutinizing tons of posts on this board.

I think I've finally got things figured out regarding:

Intimate dinner get together with his closest friends @ The Irish Embassy (fitting, since his background is Irish).

Dinner on the day of his birthday, just the two of us, at Starfish (we love oysters).

But after that is where I'm stuck...for years, we've always gotten our special occasion cakes from Jubilee Cakes. However, since this is such a big event for him, I'm wondering if I should get a special cake from someplace else, that's well known for tasty, celebratory cakes? A cake that our two young kids would love, too?

I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. One caveat for the Irish's noisy as hell...not just a loud din...but really noisy. It's built in an old bank with vaulted ceilings. all the noise hits the roof and bounces back wife and i went there for a meal, but after ordering drinks we had to leave...literally, we could not hear each other from across our table

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      Yeah, I know. I've been there for a business occasion a long time ago, and same with hubby. However. Like I said, he's Irish so loud isn't really anything out of the ordinary, heheh. But if we're a big enough group, I'm contemplating on whether I can get a private room (I think they have one? Or a room at P.J.'s.)

    2. For slightly more authentic Irish, I prefer Allens on the Danforth or try Dora Keough's next door. Dora's has private back dining room that is a real irish kitchen that was purchased from a home in Ireland and reassembled in this pub. I've seen it but never had dinner there. Check the link to their website

      1. Dora is a charming suggestion. I have never eaten in their private room, but I was once in the restaurant while they were entertaining in the private room and it looked like being in grandma's farmhouse - really quite fantastic. Might be worth re-considering the Embassy.

        1. Dora's is really fantastic. Love the food too. Sorry, can't tell you where to get a cake! (but cup cakes are really popular these days...there are a few threads on here about them...could be fun!)

          1. I'll 3rd Dora Keogh. It's a much better room for a wll-situated, intimate, authentic Irish get-together. The private room referred to above is actually a 'snug'. Ask your husband what that means... Take a look for yourself:

            As mentioned by Finnegan, the Embassy's cavernous dimensions and reflective surfaces make intelligible conversation almost impossible. It's 'Irish' food isn't remotely Irish.

            If you wanted the real steak & kidney deal, you'd have to travel to the Tarra Inn on Eglinton in Scarborough. Don't think you want to make your guests travel that far though.