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Feb 13, 2007 08:07 AM

Tea and Kosher

My daughter will be going to London in a few weeks and really would like to go to tea with her friends. The catch is, the place needs to be Kosher. Does anyone know of a place I can tell her to go?

Debsmom :-)

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  1. What about trying one of the Grodzinski chain

    They have a few stores ( the most central being in Swiss Cottage, I think)

    Hope this helps


    1. This is one kosher restaurant in the Marylebone area.

      79 Baker Street, London, W1H 2JR
      Telephone: 0871 3327840

      If you go to, there is a page of 'Jewish' restaurants. Most are in the northern part of London, but there are also others. I think one of my kosher friends has been to the above place, but it was awhile ago.

      1. Kosher options are limited in Central London.

        As well as Reubens mentioned above, there is 613 on Wigmore St and the restaurant attached to Bevis Marks Synagogue.

        As far as a kosher 'tea' is concerned, as far as I know there are no 'milchik' places in central London, but they can of course be found in Golders Green and Hendon.

        1. Golders Green has many. a 5 minute walk from Golders Green station will find Milk and Honey, and others in the vicinity. Brent Street in Hendon also has kosher cafes.

          put this question to the Kosher board.
          Grodzinskis are all but gone and they don't serve tea anyway.