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Feb 13, 2007 07:51 AM

The Real Sushi Sake

After getting lied to a few weeks ago from the guys at Stone Horse saying they were the old Sushi Sake, I finally found the real deal last Friday. With all the hype, my expectations were very high and they certainly lived up to it. Yellowtail sashimi was quite possibly the best I've eaten anywhere. Japanese Amberjack was okay but that speaks more to personal taste and not the freshness of the fish. Toro, Salmon - everything else I had was very fresh and delicious.

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  1. glad you liked it. I agree about they yellowtail - it can be exceptional. If you go again, I recommend the aji sashimi, a frequently available special. Not typical of most sashimi preparations, they slice it into strips and toss it with some ginger and green onions and serve with a dipping sauce. Really tasty!

    1. I was there myself last Friday. Boy was it crowded. We sat at a table next to a family and ate our body weight in yellow tail and spicy tuna. I like the amberjack myself. Good stuff. Glad you found the real deal.

      1. where is the "real" sushi sake? i need an address and phone number...

        1. There's this remarkable newfangled thing called Google...

          Sushi Sake
          2150 N. Collins Blvd.
          Richardson, TX 75080

          Phone (972) 470-0722

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          1. re: Kirk

            I must be really thick. Husband and I tried to go last night, and for the life of me we couldn't find it!!! We even called twice to ask for directions. They kept tell us to go W on Campbell, then look for the Bally's Fitness and they're "right behind Ballys." We must have driven around and around for 20 minutes and still couldn't find it. I told them on the phone that we found Ballys, and behind Ballys is Fox and Hound. Then they said they're "right behind Fox and Hound and Bally's."

            We finally gave up! We went to our regular sushi joint Simon's sushi instead. Can someone enlighten me???

            1. re: y2000k

              You were on the right track. As you can see on the map, it's slightly to the north of Balley's/Fox and Hound


              1. re: air

                Okay, I clicked on the Google Map link and looked at the satellite photo. I still can't tell which building Sushi Sake is located. I can identify the rectangular building where Fox&Hound/Bally's is, but Sushi Sake the building just north (sl E) of the Bally's building? Which direction does the entrance to the restaurant face? Maybe we should try to go there during the day time when we can see better! Still feel very frustrated about this whole thing...

                1. re: y2000k

                  The entrance is near the apex of the somewhat "triangular" plot shown in the Google map in this link:

                  In the satellite pic it's the only bldg with the red gabled roof. An easier way to find it: from 75, go west on Campbell, staying in the rightmost lane. At the first right (Alamo), you will see the Bally's health club on the side of the strip mall. Turn right on Alamo, and the restaurant is on your left, just right at the point where Alamo intersect Collins. Take the very last turn into the parking lot just before that intersection. It's a darkly painted building, so it's hard to see in the dark. There is a small "Sushi Sake" sign embedded in the grass in front of the parking lot.

                  Hope that helps, and that the food/experience is worth it after all this.

                  1. re: guttural

                    Ah, guttural - Thanks a million. I see what you're pointing out now. I think what we did was driving around and around the parking lot of Bally's. We even went on Alamo, but only went as far north as Cafe Brazil. Now it's all clear, and maybe we'll try to venture there some time.

              2. re: y2000k

                Of course the other option is to simply go to Masami on 75 West of Beltline instead. The food is at least as good if not better and you don't have to deal with waits that can be excessive.

            2. need to get testy. i wasn't sure if this "newfangled thing called Google" had the updated address. i've been to the old location, not the new one.

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              1. re: smirkrevenge

                now, see, i didn't think kirk was testy. i thought he was hilarious.

                i haven't had the amberjack. but i'm with miss vicky - that place is crowded these days