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Feb 13, 2007 07:51 AM

East 54th st. area tonight (York/1st)

any yummy yet reasonable suggestions? As a downtowner, don't know much over there. Ate at Jubilee recently and it was good. Thanks.

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  1. Rosa Mexicana on the 58th & 1st.

    1. Deux Amis on 51st beetween 1-2nd Aves is popular with neighborhood people and has a lively (for here) bar scene. . Small, French...owner managed. Le Mangeoire on Second/54th is Provencal and has been here forever...very pretty room with decent prices. In my own opinion, NOTHING in this area is really great, however. Rosa Mexicana is a whole other thing....not really to my taste.

      1. Sofrito on 57th and 1st is pretty good. There's a cute French place right there too.

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          Yes, Sofrito IS pretty good and the prices are reasonable. I always forget about that place.

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            The cute French place - would that be Les Sans Culottes?

          2. Taksim on 2nd Ave and 54th. Very casual place (i.e. not much atmosphere) but inexpensive and tasty. And the service is very friendly.
            Divine Bar on 51st between 2/3rd. The food is fine (salads, sandwiches) - the real draw is the extensive list of wines by the glass. Eat upstairs for a cozier atmosphere.

            1. Nish, the recently downscaled version of March on 58th Street about 3 buildings East of 1st Ave. Same great food, at less than half the price of March!