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Feb 13, 2007 07:49 AM

Korean/Japanese in Chester, NJ

I was driving through Chester and noticed what appears to be a new restaurant called MeeSo. The sign says it is a Korean and Japanese Grill. Unfortunately, I could not stop to explore further.

Anyone know anything about this place?

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  1. I've never gone in, but a friend has and said it was more of a take out kind of place, though you can sit.

    1. I got take out there. Its okay. I've had much better in the philadelphia suburbs and I think the one in parsippany on rt 46 is also better. its probably worth trying at least once.

      1. Realize this is an old post but Mee So is still here in Chester!
        Small restaurant about 6 tables. Cozy and Very Relaxed Environment.
        It is a Korean restaurant that also serves only vegetable Sushi.

        The lovely owner/chef makes a very good rich Miso soup, Bibimpab Beef and Egg and these delicious bite size fried tofu vegetable cakes.

        I enjoy stopping here for the tofu cakes but also have a great selection of teas and drinks, my favorite the Hot Citron Tea!

        The porch is dog friendly too!