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Help! Last minute Valentine's dinner?

Need somewhere in the N.E. LA - Glendale - Pasadena area for a Valentines dinner. No - forgetful me did NOT make reservations yet!!!

Open to pretty much anything as long as it is fairly reasonably priced and not sushi!

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  1. I just checked on opentable, and the following restos have availability on Valentine's Day at 7:30 p.m. for two people:

    Bar Celeona (tapas) in Pasadena
    Crocodile Cafe - Glendale
    Crocodile Cafe - Pasadena
    Vive Restaurant & Lounge - Pasadena

    Sorry, not the best selection...Your probably best off with Bar Celeona. It's the best out of a mediocre bunch.

    Clare K

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      Avoid crocodile cafe at all costs. Bar Celeona is reasonable.

    2. I just had a reservation at Cafe Flore, It is a nice, cozy bistro in Beverly Hills. Prix-fixe menu though, which I do not like. Wish I could order from their regular menu, but can't be picky so late.


      1. Last valentines' day we went to El Portal at Pasadena, and it was pretty good as usual. I doubt that they are all booked up.

        We inquired at Babita at San Gabriel this year, they have a set menu for $45, 2 seatings. I don't know if they are 100% booked, but worth calling.

        1. Honestly, I think your best option here is cooking dinner for your sweetness. Go to Costco or Santa Monica Seafood, buy 2 lobster tails, steam until red, serve with melted butter. Stock up on the Trader Joe's champagne. The crowds on Valentine's Day are a real turn-off (at least for me!)

          1. How about heading a bit south of Pasadena to Alhambra for Chinese? Triumphal Palace perhaps?

            500 West Main St.,

            1. perhaps bistro verdu in glendale (montrose)...see "news" on their website re Valentines Day prix fixe. http://www.bistroverdu.com/pages/news.... (I haven't been recently...granted, not super romantic but comfortable ambiance and the food was good at that time).

              1. Cafe Atlantic in Pasadena is almost always empty. They have pretty good Cuban food.

                1. cheesecake factory, lousie's, Jake's...just kidding :) Try the Crepe Vine, Vertical Wine Bar, Red, White and Bluezz, Neomeze, Central Park, even Saladang for Thai

                  1. Thanks for all the recco's! Snagged an early reservation at Central Park and am very much looking forward to it.

                    Cafe Atlantic is good - just every time I've been there the wait for the food was interminable. But they do have pretty good Cuban food, but not terribly authentic. At least nothing like Cuban food at Cuban restaurants in S. Florida. Which, BTW, the potato balls at Porto's have all those S. Florida places beat!