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Feb 13, 2007 06:48 AM

Chicken Entree that's not an afterthought.

It seems that many American chefs treat chicken as a throwaway entree...a necessary and necessarily low priced inconvenience on the menu.

Are there any places around town that do a great roasted chicken? Or similar simple chicken dish?

Any place that uses good fowl? Gets a crispy skin and juicy meat? get the idea.

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  1. A while back, when I was at the bar at Capitol Brasserie, I noticed a very nice-looking bird being taken out to a table. I only caught it in passing, but when I asked somebody else if they'd tried the chicken, the answer was that it was great. Who nose, but I have had some good roasted birds at other brasseries.

    I'd be interested to find one of those Latin American-type places that crank out some great rotisserie-style birds.

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      Have you tried the Pollo Asada at El Regio? It is a walkup place where you can get a whole or a half bird. Delicious! There's one S of 183 on Ohlen and one on Riverside. I saw another location somewhere else once, but I can't remember where that is.

      1. re: rudeboy

        The other one I've tried is at the corner of South First and Stassney. You'd think they would all be the same, but I find the one on Riverside most consistently delicious, and with La Regiomontana right next door, it's walk-up heaven.

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          rudeboy, I am sucking on a bone from El Regio as I type this out.


          This is exactly what I was looking for. I don't know what they use on that bird, but it is outstanding. And very much reminiscent of tandoori chickens of my youth. Sure, the breast was a little dry, but nothing a little spritz of lime juice couldn't fix. Otherwise, the bird was so nicely charred all around, crispy in the right places, and for the most part really juicy. And I went bonkers for the grilled onion in there too. The green avocado-based sauce looks and smells pretty benign -- hell I thought it was dessert. And even after a spoonful I thought it was tame ... and then the timebomb went off.

          Rice is substandard, but who cares. The beans are pretty soupy, but pretty flavorful and not bad all-around. The tortillas, commercial, but very good. I meant to ask them where they get em but forgot in my excitement. MPH, I know you've been meaning to ask too, so I apologize for not getting that info.

          Perfect sunny, warm day for a chicken like that. Thanks for the tip !

          1. re: Nab

            Thanks for is good to know when someone benefits from a good tip.THe breast isn't always dry, and sometimes the rice is passable. Last week, we got a whole bird, ate half of it, then made a chicken salad with the breasts. We tossed it with thinly sliced jicama, lime juice, cucumber, avocado, and a little mayo.

      2. I avoid chicken dishes at most restaurants, but Buenos Aires Cafe's chicken was delicious. Appropriately brined, succulent, thoroughly permeated, and with a pleasantly unusual mix of accompanying flavors.

        1. Hyde Park Bar & Grill do a great Herbed Rotisserie Chicken.

          1. My dad ordered the 1/2 BBQ chicken at Hoovers on Saturday. I usually don't care for BBQ chicken and don't order chicken when eating out, but this was exceptional. Nice smoked flavor, crisp seasoned outside, tender and moist meat. Highly recommended.