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Feb 13, 2007 06:41 AM

What to do with lots of baked potatoes...

I got kind of crazy baking giant spuds this weekend. I have 10 spud rockets and do not know what to do with them. Someone suggested I slice them into 1/2 inch pieces, brush EVOO and put salt and pepper and bake them. I could also make mashed potatoes or potato soup or twice baked potatoes but really do not want to. Are there any other ideas?

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  1. You could make potato hasg with some good corned beef.

    You could slice them and fry them in oil with peppers and onion for home fries.

    You could mix them with a little bit of bread crumbs and onion and garlic and mold them into patties, then fry them and make little potato cakes.

    You could make croquettes.

    1. I've seen gnocchi recipies that use baked potatoes.

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        The Cook's Illustrated recipe uses them and it worked really well- we made these a couple of weekends ago.

        1. Or rosti, although ideally the potatoes would be slightly undercooked.

          1. You could make potato-dill sourdough (Nancy Silverton recipe)

            1. Don't know how you'd make a rosti with a cooked potato as I don't see how it would stick together but I turn baked potatoes into wedges the next day. Cut in to wedges and fry in some oil and flavour with whatever you like, I am a sea salt and sprinkle of cayenne person but there's no reason you couldn't fry them off then put into a wet sauce and rebake.

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                Authentic rosti is often made using chilled, cooked potatoes. Here's a recipe.