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Feb 13, 2007 06:25 AM

King crab legs....please help!

I have ginormous king crab legs in my freezer that I'd like to make for Valentine's dinner tomorrow.

Any suggestions? I haven't a clue of what I should be doing....they're already cooked, so it's just a question of how I warm them up and what I serve them with....right?

Any garlicky ideas? I have lemon, garlic, butter, wine, etc.....I would LOVE some guidance.

Thanks! :)

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  1. I always steam my crab legs.

    Large pot, I drop in one of those metal vegetable steamers in the bottom. To the steaming liquid(water, sometimes a little beer) I add garlic, some cut up lemon, old bay, cut up onion, & tobasco. I steam them about 10 mins.

    To garlic them up, I sometimes melt unsalted butter, and add minced garlic, then when the crab is done I just drizzle it over the top(my cats hate this, they usually love crab, but hate the garlic and butter). But many times for me King Crab is so sweet it does not need butter.

    enjoy your valentines feast

    1. I second steaming, especially over boiling. If you don't have a steamer or steamer thingy, use a big pot with a heat safe bowl fitted inside (upside down) with a plate on top. I like to cut up lemons and add them to the watr, or a little crab boil seasoning. You could just toss a whole head of garlic in there, insetead of the crab boil.

      I've also steamed them in wine or beer with garlic.

      I leave out the butter dip as well. If the legs are good, no butter is needed.

      1. If you add all these nice flavors to the steaming liquid you should cut the legs into 3-4 inch segments so the flavors can meld with the crabmeat. When you serve them, the steaming process will have softened the shells nicely so that they can be cut away easily with scissors.
        Another suggestion: when I have large legs, as you indicate you have, I reserve the largest segment to serve chilled. Let it thaw, carefully cut away the shell with scissors, and there is a long tendon that should slide out easily. Then slice into half inch medallions and chill. I make a cold mustard sauce similar to what is often served with stone crabs; about one third dijon, two thirds mayonnaise, and I float a little key lime juice on the small dish of the chilled sauce. King crab; hot and cold- a succulent meal!