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Feb 13, 2007 06:07 AM

Black Hound Chocolate

I was going to pick up some chocolate from black hound for v-day with my girlfriend; I've been hearing increasingly good things about this place but mainly in the press. Do the hounds have any opinions?

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  1. i've never had their chocolates, but the cakes are really good. I usually pick up a couple of the personal-sized cakes - their maybe the size of two cupcakes - and share with my boyfriend. That way we can each have something we love and try something different. The chocolate cake with raspberry gelee and ganache is one of my favorites.

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    1. re: aryn

      oooh boy those small cakes...those are my weakness too. they're irresistable.

      1. re: mrnyc

        BH's carrot cakes are some of the best I've had. They're moist, nicely spiced and are topped with an amazing cream cheese icing.

    2. yes, the chocolates are yummy...i usually get a little sampling of their truffles...the truffles don't the have fancy fillings, etc, but the quality is topnotch...a tiny bag of 7 or 8 little truffles runs about 5 bucks, and your gf will surely enjoy...

      1. I made the aweful mistake of going into Black Hound for the first time a couple years ago while on a diet. I have not been the same since. I have not had the chocolate yet but I may have tried everything else. It is a great place and I am sure you will enjoy everything there.

        1. There used to be a Black Hound at Short Hills, NJ (sadly gone). I made periodic trips there for their dark chocolate truffles (infused with brandy AFAIR) and especially their dark chocolate hearts infused with Grand Marnier.

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          1. re: Striver

            i was SO sad when they closed the short hills store!!! their cakes were AMAZING! love their cookies too!!

            1. re: NiKoLe1625

              my favorite BH memory was when the shop used to be on 1st Ave (Flor's Kitchen is there now) and they used to decorate their cakes with fresh flowers.

              THAT along with a great tasting cake used to make a wonderful impression.

                1. re: rose water

                  ooops, thanks for the heads up

                  guess ya miss out on the news when ya leave town for a week <s>

          2. yes their chocolates are great as well as their mocha chocolate cup