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Feb 13, 2007 05:24 AM

Fuzion in Worcester, any good?

We're thinking about going to Fuzion in Worcester. Has anyone been?

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  1. We live in Lansdale and frequently go to Fuzion and think it is very good. It's small and gets crowded (and somewhat loud) on weekends so reservations are a must. They have traditional and not so traditional dishes on the menu. It is BYOB. Check out the website at for more info.

    1. My boyfriend and I went there about 5-6 weeks ago for the first time. We had a really nice meal. We started off with the calamari and the crab cakes. Both were very good. As for our entrees. I recall my boyfriend switching dishes with me. He wanted something more spicy than what he ordered. I had the Kung Pao and he had the Seafood Medley. We will definitely try it again. FYI...we went on a Friday night at 7:30ish and were seated right away, even with the restaurant completely full. They do take reservations and will probably do this next time. I think we just lucked out. Here is their website, too: It's also a BYOB.

      As for Ravenna in the same shopping center, we prefer this place much more. Though they are obviously two completely different restaurants....

      1. I live in Worcester and have never understood the fuss about Fuzion. Perhaps it's because we eat in town fairly often or because we eat a lot of single cuisine Asian food, but we only go to Fuzion when friends insist. Now, there is nothing wrong with the place; it's pretty and the service is good, but the food is pedestrian and lackluster. Still I encourage everyone who is interested to give it a try because many people really like it. But I would rather go for Thai, Korean, or Japanese food in the area and get fusion at Susana Foo.

        1. We have gone to Fuzion many times when we meet friends who live near there. We find it pleasant and enjoyable - good food, good service, reasonably priced. We tend to go early, and the noise level is acceptable.

          1. Susanna Foo? You're willing to pay those prices for what they pass off as "fusion" food? It is fairly basic Chinese food, nothing spectacular by any means. Fuzion serves good Asian food at fair prices in a nice setting. We love Thai but for the life of us can't find any places that are that good (Thai Orchid in Blue Bell has gone down hill, Nadia in Lansdale is not that good, Siam Cuisine in Doylestown is disgusting). Any other suggestions? We eat in the city more often than the suburbs and we haven't been thrilled by the Asian food there either. In fact I get my Pho at Vietnam Cafe in Telford of all places. I have eaten at Vietnam in Chinatown and been quite disappointed. There are MANY Asian restaurants but few good ones, we think Fuzion is one of the good ones.

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              I'm very willing to pay for the beautifully balanced dishes at Susanna Foo and I will continue to go to Fuzion simply to join friends who like it! For Pho, head down to the Vietnamese area near the Italian market. Nam Phuong is one of the best - avoid Pho 75, it's popular and easy to find, but not as good as the others - and has been recommended to me by many Vietnamese immigrants.

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                I don't know if you're looking for a Chinese place at all, but the food at Yantze in Hatfield is phenomenal and very reasonably-priced. Better than my favorite place in Manhattan. Abacus in Lansdale is owned by the same people I believe, but isn't as good IMO.

                As far as Thai, we've been going to Thai Thanee in Abington, on 611. I agree about Thai Orchid, definitely not as good as it once was.