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Feb 13, 2007 04:54 AM

Places for good fondue?

I know folks have really disliked The Wine Cellar and The Melting Pot on these boards. I must confess I love the idea of fondue though. Are there any places in the metro Boston area that offer great fondue (both entree and dessert)?

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  1. I've never been, but I've heard good things about the chocolate fondue at the B-Side Lounge in Cambridge.

    1. Grotto has a Fontina cheese fondue served with steak tips and portobello mushrooms for an appetizer that is quite appealing.

      B Side's gouda skillet is pretty good - I didn't know they had a chocolate fondue as well.

      Evidently Grendle's serves a fondue, but I've never actually eaten there.

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        Once upon a time Grendel's did a great fondue dinner deal for two: salad, cheese fondue, carafe of white wine, and chocolate fondue...all for about $20...of course that was 15 years ago! I used to go pretty regularly with a friend of german/swiss descent and he said it was as close to authentic as he'd had in the states. I had heard Grendel's didn't serve it anymore but would be thrilled to be wrong!

        No. 9 Park also has (had?) a delicious Gorgonzola fondue that they serve with lamb for dipping...I've only tasted a few bites but remember it being quite delicious.

        1. re: heathermb

          Sadly, you're right -- Grendel's doesn't have fondue anymore (and in fact, they don't have that portion of the dining room where they used to serve real food at all).

          1. re: Pia

            Haven't been to Grendel's in over a year, so I'm sad to hear they took the fondue off the menu. It wasn't the best, but it was a good warming winter dish, and even better at half-price before a certain time.

        2. re: gini

          I second B-Side's and also mention Eastern Standard's baked raclette. The former is large and decadent; the latter is smaller but more interesting.

          1. re: fenian

            I've had the ESK raclette twice and it's delicious. It's not the traditional preparation since obviously they can't lug a raclette maker to the table, but it's the proper cheese melted over little white potatoes and cornichons. Served with bread for dipping and smearing. It's a smaller portion (app) but VERY decadent and filling.

        3. I've heard horrible things about The Melting Pot (nasty chain) and The Wine Cellar (ridiculous prices), too. I've had those fondues at the B-Side and Grotto, and they're both worthwhile.

          One place not mentioned is Avenue One in the Hyatt Regency (the former Swissotel) in Downtown Crossing. They used to do several dinner fondues, but the only thing I see on their current online menu is a chocolate dessert fondue served in their lounge.

          1. You could try the Temple Bar on Mass Ave near Harvard Law. Decent fondue, abysmal service. I think they bus the people in from Grouchland. But okay fondue none the less.

            1. Sorriso has a really good fonduta appetizer.

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              1. re: ap65065

                I will second Sorriso's "Italian Cheese Fondue". It is not served in a fondue pot so those looking for the experience of the fondue pot and sticks may not be fully satisfied ;)... but the hot cheese is quite tasty and they give an interesting assortment of bites to dip with... cornichons, smoked oysters, and toasted bread amongst other things.

                1. re: mangorita

                  I like this one as well, but didn't think the cornichons went all that well with the fondue (didn't try the oysters).

                  Last winter Ivy had a really good "fonduta" on the menu. They took it off when the weather got warm. I haven't been recently to see if it's back, but it was really very good--I think it was fontina and something else.

                  1. re: cmd

                    I believe the cornichons are to be eaten as a palate cleanser, not to be dipped into the fondue. They do this in Switz. so I don't think its wierd. It's like pickled ginger with sushi.

                    1. re: alpina

                      Well, don't I feel gauche! Thank you for the info... who knew? (Well, um, you did...and probably a variety of people who were shaking their heads and laughing.)

                      At least I don't try to drink the finger bowls...

                  2. re: mangorita

                    I've got to add my .02 cents on the cornichons here. I was in the Swiss Alps a few weeks ago for a wedding. The rehersal dinner was at a place that served a delightful fondue. Along side they served chunks of bread, cornichon and pineapple chunks!! I was the only American there, and the only one who thought it was a bizarre combination. Oh, they also had slices of fresh garlic to go w/ the cheese. (see my picture!)