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Feb 13, 2007 03:54 AM

someone mentioned Chicory

And I think they need a re-mention in their own thread. Kudos to them. Small, mostly takeout shop on Degraw off Clinton. They do mostly sandwiches and burgers and salads and take out-y stuff. Their fried chicken used to be a special item and is now on their daily menu. The menu scribes a whole fried chicken " enough for 3 people" and indeed it is. It comes with 2 genrous portion sides for $24. It -does- feed 3 and we -eat- here in my house. We had the beans and a mushroom spaetzle as he 2 sides. $24 might sound like a lot for take out but try getting a large fried chicken plate with sides for 8 bucks in this neighborhood eating in a restaurant. Its great. Great crust, not too salty or sweet, not greasy at all, though it IS fried chicken. Nice chef, competent staff and a very -clean- spot. I'm gonna try to go herte more.

I didnt see on the menu if they still do a "breakfast salad" which I remember as being really good...

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  1. Completely agree - love Chicory, especially those little snackers. The fried chicken is amazing as well and I've been meaning to try the whole fried chicken and now I will - thanks for testing the waters. They trimmed down their breakfast menu but I'm pretty sure they still do the breakfast salad.

    1. Do they fry the WHOLE chicken?

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        Its the equivalent of a whole chicken in pieces, so 2 drums, 2 breasts, 2 thighs, 2 wings.

      2. I hate to write an unkind post, but I used to be a big Chicory fan and I have to say, I think it's gone downhill. Twice I've ordered food that just wasn't good - a chicken BLT and a salad with grilled chicken. Both times, the chicken was markedly undercooked - actually raw in the center. More troubling still is the uneven service; lately it's ranged from indifferent to downright rude, and I've heard similar complaints from a number of people in the neighborhood. One friend has stopped patronizing Chicory as a result of an unpleasant experience with a salesgirl, who from the sound of it was genuinely insolent. However, this was a couple of months ago and she may not even be there anymore.

        On a completely different - not to say contrary - note, I do miss their breakfasts! Scones and muffins were always good.

        1. We have picked up and ordered in from Chicory on numerous occasions and have always been pleased. Although I dont eat meat so I cant comment on the chicken issue but everything else has not just been delicious - its just nice to have a different menu to pick from...

          1. I eat at Chicory from time to time and have largely good things to say about their food. However, twice have have ordered their "Eva Peron" sandwich (swiss and chimmichurri), once with grilled chicke and once with pork. The chicken did not look grilled (looked like it had been marinated in soy sauce) and had no char on it, and was completely underseasoned, as was the pork. Also, they need to put a menu on their website that is updated, because they change their side dishes -- which tend to be very good -- frequently. It is frustrating to decide what you are having, then have three of the four sides not be on the menu even though the menu is only a month old. You end up having to ask "what do you have for sides." This is less of a problem over the winter when the sides menu changes less, but a menu on the website would really help.