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Feb 13, 2007 12:57 AM

carniceria salsas on the westside

I've pretty much given up making my own salsa so the next best thing is the fresh salsas you find at carnicerias.

Anyone find any gems on the westside?

I've tried these:

taqueria sanchez's salsa roja - it's a tomato/serrano chile salsa very finely chopped/blended(deceptively spicy) Quite tasty..goes well with chips and with homemade tacos.

mar vista ranch market(SW corner of centinela and venice next to the auto parts store) has two homemade salsas and both bring alot of heat. A guacamole salsa and another salsa that is a very finely blended tomato and chile mix. I can't really nail down what's in it.

don felix meat market habanero salsa- ok this salsa is just ridiculously hot. I don't recommend using it as a dip for chips. It's more of just a novelty. That shot of heat goes well with a cold corona and lime.

but my fav salsa of late is the salsa at the El Camaguey Mercado (10925 Venice Blvd) This salsa doesn't have alot of heat but there is alot of flavor. It's a mild tomato salsa with chopped onions, cilantro and lime. It's the kind of salsa you can't put down and it's cheap too..only 1.69

Anyone have any westside favs? or any salsas from any carnicerias in the city or valley for that matter.

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  1. I second TAqueria Sanchez - some quibble about their salsa bar, but I think their salsas - especially the Roja - are very tasty. And the guac is free!

    Also, I hate to admit it, but Tito's is pretty good... they always seem to get that perfect balance of salt and tomato... great with chips...

    1. If I'm making grilled carne asada tacos, I just head over to Tacos por Favor and get a container of the salsa roja - one of the best salsas in its class on the westside. I know you were looking specifically for salsa from a carnicieria, but I find the extra trip to Tacos Por Favor well worth it. For pico de gallo/salsa fresca, I just make my own.

      Vallarta Markets in the Valley have a green and red salsa that is OK, but not great. When I'm in the valley and I want good salsa, I head over to Tacos Zorro.


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        Where is 'Tacos Zorro'? Below is what I got when I tried to find it. Hey, what is good besides the salsa? Thanks!

        Los Angeles County
        Department of Public Health
        Restaurant Rating
        0 record(s) match your search criteria.
        Establishment: Tacos Zorro

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          Tacos El Zorro
          13710 Sherman Way (Sherman Way and Coldwater Cnyn)
          Van Nuys


      2. El Tarasco in Westchester has a very good salsa. Incredible low price. It comes in the 16oz soda cup with a top. Yummy!

        1. Not a carniceria, but Windward Farms by the Venice circle in Venice has great fresh red chunky salsa--in clear plastic containers in one of the refrigerators....

          1. I like Taqueria Sanchez's, and I enjoy Taco Por Favor's salsa roja even more. I know you recently went to El Super Taco (on Santa Monica Blvd. east of Bundy in the same minimall as Monte Alban) and tried some of their habanero salsa. It is the orangeish one labelled "extra spicy" and a few drops added to their salsa roja is excellent. I had a very disappointing experience at Don Felix a couple of weeks ago. On the other hand, I ordered a barbacoa burrito to go from Gallego's (south side of Venice a long block west of Centinela) and took home a container of their dark salsa roja -- very tasty! I've only tried it once, but it is the closest I've found on the westside that approaches the holy grail of salsa rojas -- the brick-red complex smoky spicy gem they serve at Carnitas Michaocan -- the branch on North Broadway above Chinatown at 19th.