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Feb 13, 2007 12:12 AM

Restaurants in Old Town, SD

We will be staying in Old Town (no car) and would love some recommendations for Food. Open to all foods. Many thanks.

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  1. Berta's Latin American. It's next to Rockin' Baja Lobster (which isn't a place you want to go).

    Harney Sushi on Harney St. is pretty good, too.

    1. Berta's is excellent. I second that rec.

      1. Old Town has a trolley station with access to the Green line (east thru mission valley, past San Diego State, to La Mesa and El Cajon) and the Blue Line (south through Downtown and along the bay to the border with Mexico).

        I recommend taking the 50 minute trolley ride to Mexico at least once. The walk across the boarder takes 15 minutes to reach central Tijuana, and there are many good options (search the Mexico board); the walk back takes just a little longer with the wait at customs.

        You may want to search for posts about places to eat along the trolley lines.

        1. I really enjoy Berta's as well. El Agave, also in Old Town, is a bit more upscale and has a great selection of Tequillas and some decent mole. Depending on how "touristy" your trip is, you could consider a day pass on Old Town Trolley which hits all the vacation high spots and takes away a bit of the stress of figuring out which trolley to take where. Most of the chow recommends on this board will take you off the beaten path and will likely require the public transportation trolley. Depends on what you want. Most of the company that visits us dooms us to the usual suspects...Zoo, SeaWorld, etc...

          1. Here's two in Old Town that I really enjoy:

            Cafe Pacifica
            2414 San Diego Ave.
            San Diego, CA 92110-2836
            (619) 291-6666
            This place has a self-taught chef who's not afraid to try new things. The fish is spectacular and the sauces really do work even if they look strange on the menu. They also have fish that are "simply grilled" for the purists. Haven't tried any of the non-seafood entrees but the salads and desserts are great as well.

            Harney Sushi
            3964 Harney St.
            San Diego, CA 92110

            A non-traditional sushi restaurant with some really fresh fish and a lot of fun and fantastic rolls. Some nights they have a DJ spinning during late night dining. Great atmosphere, but a little too noisy for me.

            Rolls You Should Order:
            Maui Wowie
            Comfort Roll
            Dank Roll
            Danielle Roll
            Marina Roll
            Marshall Roll

            Sashimi You Must Order:
            Yellowtail Belly
            Albacore Belly