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Feb 12, 2007 11:31 PM

Beef stew meat - suggestions other than beef stew?

My sister's apparently bought several large packages of "stew meat" since they were on sale. at her local WF.

Unfortunately, she's been eating beef stew for weeks now (single cook...and it's the only filling thing she can cook), so she's come to me for advice about what to do with this new crop of stew meat.

Any suggestions?

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  1. I'd make chili or chili con carne, or beef burgundy/stroganoff.

    Otherwise, cook a bunch of beef stew and then freeze in single serving containers.

    1. You can cut it up into smaller pieces and make taco`s out of some.

      1. I have a recipe put aside that I got here, for Curried Beef, if that sounds good.
        Here is where I got it

        1. How about grillades and cheesy grits, beef stroganoff, steak soup.

          1. Different flavored stews. With soy sauce, 5-spice & ginger; a provencal daube with tomato, orange peel; ropa de vieja; curries; goulash.

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              ...or tagine with prunes, flavoured with cumin, ground coriander, and cinnamon.

              She could also make a beef broth. Refrigerate it overnight, remove the congealed fat, and turn the broth and meat into a great soup - cabbage borscht, bean and barley, etc. I usually use short ribs (flanken) in these types of soups, but there's no reason that stewing meat shouldn't work. Is it chuck, by the way?

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                Or a nice vindaloo -- just beef stew with different spices and a goodly amount of vinegar. I also make carne adobada (or adovada) with stew meat. It's just a meat braised in a chile-vinegar-spice paste. You should be