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Feb 12, 2007 10:59 PM

Student Film Needs CHEAP Catering

I'm a student in the area who will be shooting a film here in late March/early April. We are a VERY low budget production and were wondering if anyone had any suggestions for ways to keep our food costs down. I once worked on a set in another city where lunches were catered by a local woman. Her food was tasty, filling, healthy, and inexpensive. Unfortunately, finding someone like that seems almost impossible unless you are in the know. You know? Does anyone know of any local DC/VA/MD caterers like this?

We'll have about 10 people on set per day and have budgeted about $10 per day per person for food (approx. $100/day). We figure that we'll need to do one substantial meal a day plus snacks and drinks (a work day will be anywhere from 10 to 12 hours). Unfortunately, we the filmmakers will not be able to cook since we'll be too busy with the filmaking process. Any ideas on how to feed a group on this kind of budget will be much appreciated.

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  1. Inquire at ... they may be able to help.

    1. If you don't have luck with a private caterer, you could go with a chain like Boston Market -- 1/4 roast chicken, 2 veggies & a piece of cornbread around $5-$6 per person.

      1. Also you could get food from Lebanese Market and that could easily keep you under your budget

        1. Pick up a big tray of ready-made sandwich wraps from Costco. Or check out the catering menus and get a gallon of chili from the nearest Hard Times Cafe. Or bulk BBQ from the nearest Red Hot & Blue. Or spring for the $3.99 sandwiches from Potbelly.

          And keep a supply of Costco- or grocery-store bought cans of soda, bottled water and individual bags of chips on hand (along with a cooler and ice), the markups you pay getting these through caterers are huge.

          1. I've used 3rd and Eats. They will work with you. They are also a culinary jobs training program for recovering addicts and alcoholics with an excellent success record of outplacement into permanent jobs.
            Do some good while getting some good food.