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Feb 12, 2007 10:56 PM

How Expensive is Juban?/Nice Korean BBQ rec on Pen?

Thinking about Juban for V-day, just because it is close but might be fun, and seems like a nice atmosphere, but was wondering how expensive it is per person- their website menu does not list prices. Sadly, we will not be partaking in the Wagyu beef (too pricy!). I would consider a Korean BBQ place as well, if it weren't too stinky, but you could still cook yourself, and it had a nice atmosphere.


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    1. AFAIK, there aren't any cook-it-yourself Korean BBQ places within 10 miles - closest is San Jose, right? The Metro has a little run-down of Korean places this week.

      $40/person is about what I remember paying, which I considered good value for the quality of the overall restaurant experience. Maybe it was $60 with alcohol and tip. I don't remember leaving full, either - portion sizes were dainty. But I never went back.

      When I'm in the mood for japanese meat, I trot myself down the block to Tokyo Subway and order the teppanyaki, which I think is outstanding and overlooked by chowhound. More like $10/person. But --- romantic it ain't.

      1. There is a Korean BBQ place in Belmont/San Carlos on El Camino Real, next to Jersey Joe's. Nice decor, they also have a grill at the tables although I think most people don't use it. From what I remember it was quite pricey, somewhere around $30-40/pp.

        1. May be too late, but Juban, per person, unless you get Wagyu, with food and drink, is normally about $12-20. Meat and seafood courses are all about $7-$9 per person. Personally Juban is probably my favorite, and most reliable, restaurant on the peninsula right now.

          1. We did go last night, and the food was pretty good as expected, the atmosphere wasn't as nice as I remembered from a long ago trip to the J-town location, and the restaurant was kind of cold, so we ate with our jackets on. This is such a California thing- to not properly heat a restaurant, the grill should be used to cook the food not to huddle around for warmth!

            We over-ordered for two people because many people had spoken about small portions.

            For pricing (approximate):

            The filet minon was 9, ebi (shrimp) were 8, pork marinated in miso (6.50), vegetables (5.50), garlic in butter (3.50), tomato salad (disappointing) (5), juban salad (5), rice (1.50). The ebi seemed the best value, while the pork was a little slim.

            We did NOT order Wagyu, but it was 33 to 50.

            And Jerry Rice was there-

            We spent 45 a person with no alcohol (including tip)-

            Thanks, everyone!