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Favorite Pizz@ at mozz@

No long review here..just curious of anyone else's favorite pies at this poster child pizza parlor

mine is the goat cheese with leeks and roasted garlic gloves.

(I've also had the gorgonzola with rosemary, and the littleneck clams with pecorino)

Sides weren't memorable in my mind except for the ultra-rich chicken liver bruschetta.

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  1. I love the sausage pizza, but my favorite is definately the clams...so good!

        1. burrata squash blossom...

          1. hmm -- the speck w/buffalo mozzarella was my favorite last time...

            definitely not the sausage or the clams...

            1. I actually just posted a photo review of Mozza on my blog (at last - it's months old). The lardo is definitely my favorite! I did enjoy the clam pizza though on my last visit there, but the lardo is in a class of its own IMO.


              1. fennel sausage!
                guanciale with egg and bagna cauda

                wasnt too hot on the clams
                or the burrata squash blossoms

                is the lardo back on the menu? when i was there it was off.
                i want to try that and the bacon leek goat cheese (?) pizza next time

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                  lardo pizza wasn't on the menu nor as a special last sat night. i, too, wanted to try this much lauded version but no luck. there was a lardo bruschette though.

                  avoid the salumi/nettles/cacio di roma pizza!

                  1. re: the capers

                    I agree.... those two (fennel sausage and guanciale with egg) are my fav's so far too! Also love Nancy's Chopped Salad!

                    1. re: EricV

                      Hey EricV, this is a pizza post. Don't go ruin the fantasy with something healthy like a salad!!

                      1. re: MichaelS

                        The chopped salad, which is everything you could hope for, is hardly healthy...

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                          oooo yes that chopped salad is awesome. all that provolone and salami!mmmmmm.

                          1. re: the capers

                            I actually was REALLY dispointed by the Chopped Salad. It seemed pretty darn bland to me even with those 'fancish' ingredients. I much perfer the one at Alejos and it's also much cheaper. We had a GREAT meal (and desserts! YUM!) there on our visit, but the one regret was me ordering the salad when I could have had some SUPER yummy roasted brussel sprouts instead. :(


                      1. That would be the fennel sausage, panna and red onion. I couldn't figure out why it tasted so good until I saw them slathering crème fraîche on with a spatula.

                        I think they sprinkle fennel pollen on at the end, which just takes it straight over the top.

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                        1. re: tritip

                          dont quote me on this, but i think that they sprinkle dried oregano on top. its dried in a bunch like they do with sage.

                          1. re: the capers

                            ditto to tritip -- no, it is fennel pollen (also crushed fennel seeds, methinks). It's what makes it so exceptional.

                        2. Without a doubt, the bianca with sausage...

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                            Bianco with sausage...yes! That's the insider's pie!

                          2. can you ask for pizzas your way? meaning mushrooms or fennel pollen on the margherita? or a burrata whole the squash blossoms and exchange with anhovies or etc.

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                            1. re: kevin

                              I don't think so. It's Nancy's way or the highway.

                              1. re: tritip

                                Not true. I ask for garlic on my Margherita all the time, and get it. They will do almost anything you ask for with the toppings. Its's the crust you can't mess with.

                                1. re: tritip

                                  Not at all, they will oblige. I've never seen Silverton there; I think she's focusing on the osteria opening and the pizzeria is in Molin'a very capable hands.
                                  On a side note, Mozza ranks as one of the loudest restaurants I've ever eaten in, but that pizza dough makes up for it.

                              2. I had a pizza with Nettles and a sheep's milk chhese last week (just before the LATimes did a "Nettle Thing") and it was felt the the 3 others in my party to be the best.

                                1. either the fennel sausage with red onion and panna, or the goat cheese with leeks and bacon.


                                  1. Props to the originator of this post. The pizza with goat cheese, leeks, and bacon is delicious. It's my favorite as well. And while I know this is a pizza-specific post, how about Mozza's caponata? It gets better and better with each return visit, far surpassing Mario's version of caponatina at Otto (which is still pretty terrific).

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                                      waaaaait a second..you got bacon with ur goat cheese pizza? is this new variation? fusion of goat and pig?

                                      1. re: anthonyrza

                                        I thought it always had bacon? Needless to say, you must go back immediately and demand it. You'll love it so much, you'll want to marry it.

                                    2. Had the sausage pizza last night..could be at the top o' the list for me now. what is that suttle sweetness i'm tasting on the crust, sweet fennel?

                                      also had the lasagna. very tasty, but c'mon 18 bucks for a 3x5 cut of noodles and meat sauce? maybe a little garnish at least!

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                                        The lasagna is overpriced, but it's better than just "tasty." When I had it a few months ago, it was incredible -- it gets all crispy on top from being in the wood burning oven. Sigh... I miss pasta.

                                        1. re: hungrygirl106

                                          I was extremely disappointed with their lasagne, but then nothing beats Nonna's Lasagne Verdi at Angelini Osteria.

                                        1. went last night for the second time. funghi pizza was still excellent, the margerita has vastly improved (from the first time i went about a week after opening) but the one that absolutely blew me away was the bianco with sage. Oh. MY. God. this was creamy and delicious (and probably had a pound of butter in it somewhere).

                                          Also a shout out to the butterscotch budino which was also amazing last night.