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Feb 12, 2007 09:38 PM

Best Seafood Store in Athens, GA

I just recently noticed that their seem to be a lot of posters from Athens on this board.

So, I pose the question, which has better seafood, Rainbow Seafood or Athens Seafood Company, both on Baxter?

I personally liked Rainbow better, but have only been to each one once. I usually shop at the Kroger near my house for seafood as well as everything else, thank goodness they are opening a Publix on my side of town soon.

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  1. The publix on the west side sucks in my opinion. I dont have much experience with Publix at all though, so maybe the atl hwy publix isnt dispositive. I've never been to rainbow or athens seafood company, but it is great to know we have a fishmonger in town. the seafood at the kroger is inedible. I just moved here last august and am still learning where things are. Where in town do you live? im in pulaski heights, and the tienda on barber st. has great fresh shrimp if you're interested.

    1. Rainbow is at the foot of the hill, right? And Athens Seafood is at the top of the hill, closer to Milledge? If that's the case, I went into Rainbow once and was appalled at the quality of the fish. Close to rotten, much of it, with a terrible stink to the place. Maybe it was just a really, really bad day for them. I had the impression they were a gussied-up fish fry joint.

      Athens Seafood seems to have pretty good stuff, though it sometimes smells fishy in there, which puts me off. But they get their fish from the same place as Five & Ten, so that's something.

      Earth Fare has a consistently great, if small, selection. They are as good as anybody in town for meat and fish, but as I said their fish selection is always limited.

      The Kroger on Alps Road has awful fish, just awful. It looks fake, somehow, like a bad forgery of fish.

      1. Went to Athens Seafood, Rainbow Seafood and Kroger (Beechwood) Saturday to find the best mussels. Well, only Athens had them, so I got a 10 lb rope from them for $30. Everyone that ate them seemed to like them but there were a lot of open (ie dead) mussels in the bag (which is not very unusual I guess).

        Also got a 40lb box of Gulf oysters for $35 a while back and they were good and fresh, albeit bland.

        The salmon looked good Saturday. Small selection.

        1. no question in my mind....earthfare. athens seafood wholesales to restaurants and the rest is put out for retail. nothing wrong with that except that the pickings are slim and can't be counted on. retail seems to be rather an afterthought, in ingredients and attitude. the supermarkets are just bad, period.

          1. Found this thread in a desparate attempt at finding good seafood in the Athens/Barrow county area.

            Went to Athens Seafood Company today. Walked in, walked right back out. Kind of made me feel like it was a front for something, well, something other than selling seafood. Slim-pickin's, farm-raised, high prices. No thanks.

            Went to Rainbow. As soon as I walked in I knew I'd buy something. While I do agree that the majority of clientelle is probably there for the 2-piece fried whiting special with okra...they had some great looking snapper and I picked up some fresh wild salmon and shrimp. Better prices than the farm-raised junk Publix tries to pass as fish and mighty tasty. Friendly service too. This is my new fish place.

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            1. re: jcreasy

              how were the prawns? i'm looking for a place with good softshells as it's getting to be the season!

              1. re: batdown

                Good flavor, not at all "fishy," but I was deveining for about an hour....a skill I really need to get better at!

                I'm looking forward to seeing what they have there next weekend...

              2. re: jcreasy

                When I went to Athens Seafood, there were a few wild caught options. I agree the pickins are slim.

                Then again, Rainbow was sold out of most of their seafood when I got there around 5 on a Saturday (my fault I guess).

                1. re: Dax

                  The Kroger on Alps and Baxter some times has a good selection of mostly defrosted sea food. When you can't get never frozen fresh this can do well in a pinch. They had gigantic frozen sea scallops for under $10 a lb. which I cooked last night with garlic butter and they were delcious. Tuna and salmon have been fine in the past there.
                  I wonder when the fresh fish comes into Athens Seafood. Every time I've gone the selection looked VERY tired. When i want fresh fish I generally go to Your DeKalb Farmers Market.