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Feb 12, 2007 09:15 PM

Mellow place for coffee/drinks near Hollywood

A friend and I are meeting one of our professors for coffee or drinks on Sunday afternoon. Any suggestions for a relatively quiet place to meet?

We really do not want to have to yell to hear each other and also would prefer a place where it's easy to get a table. Real bonuses would be (a) a good selection of beer and wine, and (2) some tasty appetizers/desserts. Prefer Silver Lake, Hollywood, or West Hollywood, but would certainly consider a great Westside suggestion. Thanks so much!

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  1. How about Blair's in Silverlake? The new expansion is my new favorite place to meet friends and have a quiet and relaxing place to hang out and chat. The space is great- very warm and inviting and the soft opening means plenty of space to spread out (no waiting for tables) and no noisy crowds. (yet!) The coffee is great (the real-deal, yummy coffee-buzz inducing Intelligensia) and pastries and yummys fresh from LaBrea bakery- and I think some are even baked on site too. Good lunch menu and friendly staff. Blair's does have a great beer/wine list- but not sure if this is available in the cafe expansion- or only dinner...have only gone for the coffee.

    1. Another suggestion: Cliff's Edge. Beautiful patio, quiet atmosphere, excellent service, delicious food.