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Feb 12, 2007 08:52 PM

Recommendations for dining in the LAX area

We will be staying at the Sheraton LAX this weekend and would love to hear about any hidden (or well known!) gems in the vicinity. Though we will have a car, being a bit unfamiliar with the area, would prefer to stay within a range of few exits off the 405 in either direction. I can mapquest any places we are directed towards.

We love all types of cuisine, fine dining is good but really would love to discover some hole in the wall, mom & pop type places. Specifically would love to find jamaican. Though any sort of carribean, asian, middle eastern, mediterranean, (thai, vietnamese, japanese/sushi, lebanese, afghani, pakistani, indian, greek, etc.) and even some good bbq or soul food would be great.

Also a good breakfast place. In fact, breakfast might be the most important as my traveling companion is quite fond of pancakes and would likely eat them at least once a day ;o)

So your insight would be greatly appreciated, fellow chowhounds.

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  1. Aunt Kizzy's in Marina Del Rey is tasty sould food
    Bistro Du Soleil in Playa Del Rey has good breakfasts (including panckaes)
    Minotaure Tapas Restaurant & Wine Bar in Playa Del Rey is a good new Spanish Tapa place, very small. 333 Culver Blvd.

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      1. Pann's Diner
        Derrick's (Jamaican) across the street from Pann's Diner
        Paco's Tacos

        1. For local fare, here are some of my favorites, all within a few minutes of LAX:

          Breakfast has always been good at KJ's Diner in Westchester. Lunch also. Dinah’s is an LA institution famous for fried chicken and waffles. The best Thai in the area is Ayara Thai. especially their Drunken Noodles.

          Farther north is a Japanese supermarket, Mitsuwa. Santouka has probably the best ramen noodles in LA. There are other Japanese restaurants there as well.

          KJ's Diner
          8731 Lincoln Blvd
          LA, CA 90045
          In a bowling alley just north from LAX

          Dinah’s Family Restaurant
          6521 S. Sepulveda Blvd
          LA 90045

          Ayara Thai
          6245 W 87th St.
          LA, CA 90045
          Hidden in downtown Westchester

          Mitsuwa Market
          3760 Centinela Ave
          LA 90066

          To really experience LA’s dining, you would have to be willing to travel some. 15, 20 miles further and you can experience some of the best dining around.

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            Thank-you for the recommendation on KJ's Diner. We had dinner there last night after picking up some friends who flew into LAX from Chicago and we loved it. They serve breakfast all day at KJ's--our friends loved the omelettes, and their meatball soup was very tasty. Lots to choose from on their menu. We will definitely put this restaurant on our list of places to eat nearby the airport.

          2. I recommend Ajelo's Italian on Lincoln Blvd. about a 10 minute drive from your hotel.
            Family run and excellent food. Very popular locally.