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Feb 12, 2007 08:34 PM

Has anyone ever been to a "Dinner My Way"?

Or any other Meal Assembly franchise?

Are they any good??

What's your impression?

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  1. I loved the one I tried in Sacramento. Their food is 100% natural which is great and everything was fresh and tasty. I highly recommend.

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      I've never been to one of these places but have heard of them. BUT as an alternative check out Its basically the home version to these meal assembly franchises.

      They provide recipes, shopping lists, assembly, freezing and cooking instructions for 20 meals for I think $9 or $10. They're called Mega menu mailer or freezer menu mailers. I've done two of them and most of the recipes are very good the other, just not my taste.

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      1. I've been to Super Suppers and Dinner my way.
        Love Super Suppers - I'm a regular customer there in Bethpage Long Island, even though the Dinner My Way is closer to my house. It's the same basic idea at both places- everything you need is laid out for you so you can prepare your dinners very easily and quickly, but their attitudes are completely different. As Super Suppers, it's an event every time I go - I have fun and the people are wonderful. The store is also much bigger. The Dinner my way was fine, but it was all business there - I didn't get the same at home feeling that I did get at Super Suppers.

        I highly recommend meal assembly for you busy people out there like me. It really helps and the food is pretty good. You are making it, after all... so you can adjust it how you like it.

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          So, since they are franchises, would you attribute the differences to the individual owners or is there something else you can put your finger on?

          When I originally made this posting, I did not know there were so many different franchises. The ones in my area are just arriving and I'm also curious as to whether there is a big difference between brands.

        2. In my neck of the woods we have My Girlfriends Kitchen meal assembly places. I'm vaguely interested in them, but was pretty turned off by information I got over the phone from them. They don't offer a sample night or single meal purchase plan so there's no way to tell if the food is any good before spending the 160 bucks for their cheapest meal plan, and they source *all* of their ingredients from Sysco and GFS, so we're not talking really top quality ingredients here.

          Both of which problems , of course, will vary from brand to brand, and probably franchisee to franchisee.

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