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Wine and appetizers.

A bunch of friends and I are visiting NYC for the first time this March and we are looking for a cool, casual place, with a nice wine list, and good finger foods. Any sugestions would be appreciated.

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  1. i am an upper west sider and love bin 71 on 71 st and columbus. some downtowners might cry that we are not so hip in this hood, however this place is terrific a guarantee. great wine list and terrific fresh little foods.

    1. Second Bin 71, and if in the UES, Pudding Stones.

      1. Try Sala, a Spanish tapas place - they have two locations: one on 19th St (think between 5th and 6th Ave) and another on the Bowery. Great small plates for sharing and a good wine list.

        1. The "tapas" at Otto are awesome and they have a great wine list!

          1. A strong second for Otto. The wine list is huge and they have an extensive selection of wines by the glass and quartino. It also has a loud, but lively and energetic atmosphere. The cheese is fantastic.

            1. Yes, if you're an out of towner and with a bunch of friends, Otto is probably the best pick. I love Bin 71 but the place is too tiny to go to with more than one or two people.

              1. 2nd avenue between 10th and 11th
                Bar Carrera - Spanish Tapas
                Bar Veloce - Italian "tapas"

                Small places but very good for both the food and the wine.

                1. In my hood, Riposo46 on 46th and 9th. Really cute, nice wine, cheese and tartines, but also teeny tiny.

                    1. Uva is a wine bar/restaurant on the Upper East Side that has a good selection of appetizers and food.