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Feb 12, 2007 06:54 PM

Wine and appetizers.

A bunch of friends and I are visiting NYC for the first time this March and we are looking for a cool, casual place, with a nice wine list, and good finger foods. Any sugestions would be appreciated.

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  1. i am an upper west sider and love bin 71 on 71 st and columbus. some downtowners might cry that we are not so hip in this hood, however this place is terrific a guarantee. great wine list and terrific fresh little foods.

    1. Second Bin 71, and if in the UES, Pudding Stones.

      1. Try Sala, a Spanish tapas place - they have two locations: one on 19th St (think between 5th and 6th Ave) and another on the Bowery. Great small plates for sharing and a good wine list.

        1. The "tapas" at Otto are awesome and they have a great wine list!

          1. A strong second for Otto. The wine list is huge and they have an extensive selection of wines by the glass and quartino. It also has a loud, but lively and energetic atmosphere. The cheese is fantastic.