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Feb 12, 2007 06:49 PM

mai house

how was mai tribeca? i know the restaurant group drewnieporant have a good reputation. i have read mostly good, a couple of lukewarm things. new york times gave it 2 stars

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  1. I haven't been but a good friend has and she really liked it. Don't have specifics on the dishes but I'm going to try it.

    1. Vastly improved from when it started. Like a completely different restaurant. Extremely tasty. I'm not a big fan of Vietnamese, but I like it. They even have veggie dishes now, so now it accomodates more people, but I think the snapper/pork belly dishes are the best.

      1. Entrees are generally good and I concur that the pork belly dish is the best. Avoid the Vietnamese coffee unless, they have managed to change the recipe and make it sweet (as there made traditionally) over their very bitter version...we had to add water, condensed milk 2 to 3x plus ice cubes to be able to actually drink it.

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          just went last night to mai house. the service an "a" and the food a/a-. i started at the bar and thoroughly enjoyed a flank steeak salad that was tender and delish. I t had great mix of spicy,cruncy and citrusy. With chiles, asian grapefruit, cucumeber et. al. For my meal I shared a lot with my date. We started with scallops and bbq quail. Lked the quail, did not like the scallops. Too much "from the sea" flavor for my tastes. The waitress checked on us. I was honest with her. She was more than happy to take it back. Wow. that was cool. She replaced it with a wonderful sausage patties with great grilled flavor. 4 mini patty with tiny tootpick like things. Very moist and just right on. For our mains I ordered the pork belly and cabbage. Wow. I am a freak for pork belly, but i want it right. It was sliced thin, which I liked The red cabbage in a vinegar base was an exceellent contrast to the pork. My date had duck breast which I tasted I thought it very good, not great. But cooked well nevertheless medium rare and tasty. It was accompanied by little perfectly cubed daikon with a crunchy outer layer. I think she said they liglty flouerd them. For dessert the banana cake with coconut was great. On the way out we saw Drew Nieporant and he was super appreciative that we loved the place. At least he acted that way. I would concur with the ny times 2 star from Frank Bruni.