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If I like Matyson, I have to try...

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My family is coming in this weekend and I was slow to make reservations at Matyson, a favorite of my Dad's. What else is out there that is comparable in cuisine and price range?

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  1. Pumpkin is just as good, although it has a limited menu and is byob as well. You might want to try that.

      1. We don't get to Old City much, so I can't comment on the places there, but Django has been excellent recently. It might be hard to get a reservation for this weekend.

        We like August, at 13th and Wharton. Smaller menu than Matyson or Django, but everything is very good. They are not open on Sundays.
        Prices at Marigold Kitchen are higher, but I seem to remember that there is a prix-fixe on Sundays - you could call and ask.

        1. Mandoline, Marigold Kitchen, Chloe, Sovalo, L'Angolo

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            I hate to say this - and I hope I'm wrong - but L'Angolo may have slipped a bit. New chef, maybe she's getting used to things. Three of us had the ravioli special (tasty) and the raviolis were completely cold in the middle,
            We'll return, and I don't mean this as a "don't go there" post. But I'll be intereted to hear what others have to say.

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              I just recommended Marigold Kitchen on another thread; it's where I ask to go for my birthday! Everything we've tried there has been delightful

              (off topic --- the server there told us halfway through the meal that they suspected that my Significant Other was Craig LeBan. I laughed, and asked the server if he thought Craig LeBan would be caught dead drinking $7.99 pinot grigio. He agreed it was unlikely......)

            2. Bistro 7 is the closest I have found to Matyson in food style and quality. It is a small byo but doesn't feel too cramped. When we went it was about 75% full and the noise level was not bad. We loved the food.

              1. I am thinking about revisting Pumpkin...what did you have?

                I would second the Django reccomendation. I think its matured quite nicely and I feel its one of the city's more quiet byo's.

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                  for apps we had the sweetbread salad and a pasta dish with sea urchin (both aroubd 9 bucks) for mains we had the hanger steak (superb) and a fluke dish with beans and chorizo (can't remember exact prices but i think mid 20's) we skipped dessert cause we were on the way to a show.

                  food was fabulous but what i was really pleased by was the portions, not tiny annoying little portions but real dinner size portions. the service was great too (the manager remembered us from pif and i don't think we had been there in 2 years!), but man is that restaurant small!