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Asheville, NC recommendations?

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We'll be mostly downtown. What are some good and not too pricey places to try?

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  1. While Rosetta's and City Bakery Cafe are the only places that qualify as "dirt cheap," these are my favorites at the lower end of the price scale:

    Salsa on Patton Ave. for Caribbean-fusion
    Doc Chey's on Biltmore Ave. for Asian-fusion
    The Early Girl Eatery on Wall St. for breakfast
    The Laughing Seed on Wall St. for vegetarian/vegan
    Rosetta's Kitchen on Lexington for vegetarian "soul food"
    Tomato Cuchina Latina on Patton for Salvadoran
    City Bakery Cafe for sandwiches, salads, and baked goodies

    1. I recommend Noodle Shop around the corner from Salsa and Mamacitas for a great burrito.

      Laughing seed is killer for lunch whether or not you are veg - great food!

      1. loretta's on college. best sandwich in downtown, by far (especially npw that viva europe has been closed). its only open lunch monday- friday. get to 12 bones, please, in the river/arts district. only open for lunch monday -friday. over easy cafe on broadway for breakfast/lunch(get breakfast) only open wednesday-sunday. ali baba in grove arcade for mediterranean priced by the pound. little havana across from grove arcade for a cuban (mmmm).